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November 29, 2020

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We've been vibing all week to Natasha Noorani's catchy, hip new tune and it's definitely setting the tone for Decemberistan, albeit a low key, isolation version of it! It's been pointed out that despite espousing egalitarian values, our style segment tends to make men feel like they're never fashionable. We're here to rectify that misconception so here are the men and women who were hot this week.

Zain Ahmed

Against Tawasuli's modern cool we raise you Ahmed (creative director of Lahore's IT new brand, Rastah) in his groove. Set against prints for his latest winter drop, Ahmed supports more colour than we've seen on half the male population in Pakistan. He owns the neon green and pink collared shirt, letting his personality shine through the outfit. Style tip to take away? Don't shy away from colour!

Mohsin Ali Tawasuli

He's been reigning at Sana Safinaz as a design head, dressing women to the nines however, Tawasuli's personal style makes us wish that he'd incorporate some off his off-duty style into a cool diffusion line. Take this uber chic studio look he shares; dark, matching denim, Gucci slides and eyewear. He doesn't even need any accessories make the outfit pop.

Maryam Raja

From Ahmed's highlighter swag we move to Raja's boss babe vibes. We love the distressed, flared denim, the belted cardigan and the sleekness of the look. Raja layers a black tank/tube over her button down shirt and adds a frosting with a bejeweled choker she wears under the button collar. We approve!

Natasha Zubair

Our love for this girl, who is equally brilliant in front of and behind the camera, is not unknown. Zubair not only makes everyone look good through her lens, she also proves that her aesthetics translate just as well on front of the camera. Wearing a dark aubergine velvet shalwar kameez with magical motifs embroidered on it, Zubair's dimpled smile compliment her ensemble best. 

Flash Your Style