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November 22, 2020

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Winter brings with it better weather and better mood. The sun is no longer a scorching presence but a friendly face greeting you each day. The previously inaccessible outdoor beckons invitingly; parks inspire picnics, evenings become long walks, breath becomes visible. We welcome bulky sweaters and several layers, boots, beanies, big coats. At least in most parts of Pakistan.This week we bring to you some of our favourite style stars foraying into winter fashion. Here’s whose hot this week:

Kiran Malik

Hello, can someone call the fire brigade? Ms. Malik has lit our screens on fire. Everything about this outfit and the woman wearing it is va-va-voom. Not many can pull off red and black cheetah print but Ms. Malik makes us want to add these pants to our wardrobe. The silk gloves, slick hair and stiletto boots complete the killer look.

Meesha Shafi

Ms. Shafi has never shied from taking a risk, fashion or otherwise. Her intrepid nature is best reflected in her sartorial choices like this neon, geometric jacket that would make any traditional dresser quake in their boots. Can you spot the fishnet socks she's turned into egdy gloves? Do you also notice a style trend for this season?

Muzi Sufi

With Ms. Sufi's outfit another winter trend should become evident-
notoriously difficult to get right,
animal prints are all the fad this
season it seems. Sufi pairs it with white pants and white boots, her signature sultry makeup adding warmth to the ensemble.

Amal Qadri

This Karachi based stylist always brings personal flair to each outfit. Here, she dons an olive trench that gleams in the desert sun, warming to her complexion and background, making the
entire image glow. Her casually tousled hair and oversized
sunglasses add an
element of effortless chic, making us swoon at her style. 

Trending this week: Kiran Malik, Meesha Shafi, Muzi Sufi, Amal Qadri