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October 18, 2020

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A month with a blue moon, retrogrades and mystical, astrological magic ruling tides and time, this October seems to weigh heavy on us all. There's something almost in the air; a chill, a change, a chance – shimmering like a distant mirage. With the moon playing games this month, we bring you women as bewitching as the celestial stars. Here's a round-up for all the saris we fell for this week.

Meher Hassan

Mehru, as monikered by her friends, is living all our ‘70s dreams in this Twiggy-inspired look. From the graphic double liner, pools of warm brown eyes, effortlessly undone hair and bright lips, there's nothing about this look that we'd change.

Mira Sethi

With Mira Sethi's height, sari should be a staple. The tall, svelte actor wears a custom Kamiar Rokni tie and dye sari with a monochrome ajrak palu. Sethi's halter blouse, minimal accessories and nude lips complement the riot of colour in her outfit, letting the sari do all the talking.

Mariam Elahi

Let's just get one thing straight: curly, waved or textured long hair always wins. We love the sultry, tribal look that Elahi embodies in this vintage sari. The chocolate brown and gold combination against Elahi's olive skin tone is a match made in style heaven. The tribal panja Elahi is sporting has to be our favourite part of this modern mix ensemble.

Atika Gardezi

Do we even need words to explain why we lost our heart to this look? From Gardezi's perfect, dainty features to the grace with which she carries herself, this ensemble proves are oft repeated mantra - doesn't matter what you wear but rather how you wear it. Gardezi turns this vintage sari on a rooftop into a garment for royalty. 

Trending this week: Meher Hassan, Mira Sethi, Mariam Elahi, Atika Gardezi