Nailing the new season’s nail trends

October 18, 2020

From nudes to French tips and gradient nails, we’ve rounded off some of the hottest nail trends for the new season.

The weather is changing and just as your wardrobe and makeup gets an update, it’s time to up your nail game as well. It’s no secret that nail trends depend on fashion trends and a fresh manicure is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your overall look.

As the temperature has been (slightly) cooling, our feeds have been full of playful takes on French manicures as well as gorgeous neutrals and innovative nail art designs. While we will always love a classic red or a pretty pink nail colour, let’s try something a little more exciting and take a new shade or technique for a test drive.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to switch things up in the manicure department, here are a few nail trends that you can opt for this season. The best part is that if you are still uncomfortable with the idea of heading to a salon to get your nails done then you can totally do it yourself at home.

From subtle chic detailing to bold designs, there is something for everyone – because life is too short for boring nails.

Paint the tips

The French manicure is still going strong, so go ahead and try ultra-thin white tips. Pair them with almond nails to make them feel fresh and modern. Another option is to go for multicolour French tips; according to nail experts, French tips will remain popular this fall and the style will focus more on muted tones than the neons of summer. Moreover, a metallic French tip – think gold, silver, and bronze – is a particularly cool look to try. The metallic French tip is a trendy take on the traditional French manicure and is the perfect nail look as it goes with everything; it makes the French manicure feel way more luxe and a bit more modern.

Gradient nails

Another trend that’s here to stay is gradient nails. Since you can pair any five shades to recreate it, why not replicate it with fall-inspired hues. Take white, a light dusty rose, grey and black, and apply a single colour on each finger. For a unified effect, begin the transition from light to dark, painting your thumb the same as the pinky. It’s a minimalist design, but it still provides a serious punch.

Go neutral, go nude

While olive green and candy-apple red nails will be all the rage this season, get ready to see neutral manicures as a juxtaposing nail trend. Trends are ever evolving and in recent times a nude shade doesn’t necessarily mean beige. Nude hues are an elegant, sophisticated option for autumn, so find a nude that works for you and throw on a super-shiny topcoat for a look that will never go out of style. Whether you like to keep your nails short or long, the trend here is clean and subtle.

Glitzy, glittery nails

There’s no denying that glitter nail polish is just plain fun. Come fall, one can never go wrong with glittery, shimmery, glitzy nails. This season let your sparkly nails do the talking and make your pale pink or pastel hue feel less basic by swiping a glitter polish on your nails; you can go full bling and add some crystals here and there as well.

The matte effect

If you want autumnal nail colours like earthy shades and grey tones, then go for matte. According to experts, matte is always a great go-to for fall. It pairs nicely with rich colours – you can still feel the depth but give it a muted feeling. To get the look, it’s as simple as applying a matte top coat over your manicure. Whether you’re doing a minimalist design or just a single colour look, just paint the matte top coat once your manicure is dry.

Half ‘n’ half

Think of this nail trend as gradient nails turned into a chic half ‘n’ half look. The key is to split your nails horizontally by applying two contrasting colours. Split nails look difficult, but in fact they’re quite easy to do at home. All you need is two different colours of nail polish and nail art tape.Tape off half of your nails down the middle, paint each nail a different colour, then peel off the tape and repeat on the other half.

Nailing the new season’s nail trends