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October 11, 2020

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The time for baking in the sun with melting humidity will soon become ubiquitous to the country and move beyond major cities. Climate change is real. However, until that becomes a reality, some entities did take steps to create revelry… for as they say the show must go on. Now that coronavirus numbers are once again rising, these are the prolific events that managed to make their mark prior to the dejecting news. From multiple-act live concert to a hip fashion show by one of the country’s most alluring couture brands, here’s what caught our eye this past week.

                                                                      Ayesha Omar: She’s got the look

Ayesha Omar is considered one of the best dressed stars in the industry. She has joined this rank by being selective about what she wears, remembering what the event is and whether she can carry off her sartorial choices. A great example is her presence at the recent Elan solo show. She picked a gorgeous black sari with a dash of silver to go with tied-up hair - the latter a trend on international runways – Ayesha Omar looked every bit the star and fashion icon she is.

Khumariyaan bring the spirit of KP

-Photo courtesy: Salt Arts

More than a decade in the music business, hybrid folk-rock act, Khumariyaan are quite possibly one of the best live acts in the country. They’ve collaborated with Karachi-based Salt Arts on several occasions and tend to create new fans per show. In this concert, one of Karachi’s favourites came and played a strong repertoire of songs. This also means wait for their debut album is rising. -Photo courtesy: Salt Arts

-Photo courtesy: Salt Arts

SomeWhatSuper’s EDM concoction

The boys from Lahore who blew up with songs like ‘Bandook’ and ‘The Sibbi Song’ (featuring Abid Brohi) can really crank it up. An electronic dance music (EDM) act, SomeWhatSuper can get people up on their feet and enjoy music as it’s meant to be enjoyed. Though they have played shows with Salt Arts before, this latest collaboration was just as dazzling as their previous efforts. The only perhaps disappointing part of the night was that Kaif Ghaznavi, who was slated as one of the three performers, could not perform due to personal commitment. The news that she would not be performing also came at the wrong hour and those who showed up to see her in a Salt Arts setup went home disappointed. However, SomeWhatSuper and Khumariyaan with their unique Attan dance had the Karachi audience dazzled.

-Photo courtesy: Salt Arts 

Trending this week: Ayesha Omar, Khumariyaan bring the spirit of KP, SomeWhatSuper’s EDM concoction