Skincare secrets revealed

August 2, 2020

Actress Anoushay Abbasi shares her go-to products and what she uses to keep her skin glowing.

The first thing we notice when we come across a celebrity is their glowing skin. And it makes us wonder how our favourite celebrities look so good and what they slather on their skins to keep it radiant and healthy. Of course, they have great genes but they also have the right skincare routine. Since looking flawless is practically in their job description, most celebs have tips they swear by to keeping their complexions bright and fresh.

Actress Anoushay Abbasi, who was last seen in drama serial Ghalati and is gearing up for her upcoming drama serials Prem Gali and Abdullahpur Ka Devdas, reveals her skin care secrets and makeup must-haves.

Skincare regime

For Anoushay going to sleep without removing her makeup is a big ‘no no’. “I make sure to moisturize religiously every single night and I never go out without putting my sunscreen on,” she shares, adding that the secret of her smooth skin is her home grown aloe vera.

On whether she is fond of desi remedies, she says, “I am all about desi totkas and a homemade mask that I absolutely love to apply on my skin is made of coffee and honey.”

According to the actress, she firmly believes that you are what you eat and it certainly helps make your skin smooth and glowing. “The key is to eat healthy and stay fresh.”

The secret to healthy hair

“Curly hair has a mind of its own,” she explains. “Take it from me, I’ve had curly hair since I was born and it’s a complete mess but then I invested my time trying out curly hair products, talking to stylists, and reading up on how best to wash, protect, and grow curly hair. I do my CG (curly girl) treatment and protect my hair from heat as much as I can,” informs the actress.

With no access to salons these days, has she changed her skin and hair care routine? “Currently, for my hair I’m following my CG method at home and apply face masks twice a week as well,” responds Anoushay.

Makeup essentials

Talking about wearing makeup, the Ghalati star says that she doesn’t wear makeup when she is not shooting. “As far as my makeup essentials are concerned, I love mascara, a little blush and a hint of tint on my lips.”

Anoushay further went on to say that her makeup bag is full of mascaras from all around the world, but her most favourite is Scandal Eyes by Rimmel. “You will also find every kind of highlighter in my makeup bag, countless MAC lipsticks and tons of Bobbi brown eye shadow kits,” she informs, adding that Estée Lauder, MAC and Too Faced are some of her favourite cosmetic brands.

Anoushay’s signature look

As for her signature hair and makeup look, she says that it is all about fashionably styled curly hair, blush and layers of mascara.

Moreover, speaking of her biggest beauty indulgence, Anoushay shares that for her it is a whole category and not necessarily one product. “Investing in my skincare regime is my biggest beauty indulgence - from the light therapy I use on my face to taking extra care of my hair,” she reveals.

Beauty trends

While Anoushay’s all-time favourite beauty trend is fluffy brows and adding a pop of colour in the inner corner of your eyes, trends that she will never go for include overdrawn lips and DIY bangs.

Bonus tip for mascara lovers

On a parting note, the actress shares that if you have run out of makeup wipes, a simple way to remove waterproof mascara is to wash your face with a shampoo – it takes out the mascara very easily. Try this at your own risk!

Skincare secrets revealed