“It’s all about dedication and consistency”

August 2, 2020

RJ turned actor, Ali Ansari reveals that he stays in shape by doing some simple body weight exercises at home.

Ali Ansari started his career in 2005 as a host for the hit radio show, Dude, where’s my song? However, it was in 2015 that Ali made his acting debut with drama serial Riffat Apa Ki Bahuein. Since then the RJ tuned actor has played prominent roles in a number of drama series including Darr Khuda Say, Kam Zarf, Mohabbat Na Kariyo, Naqab Zan and Kahin Deep Jaley among many others. Currently Ali Ansari can be seen in ongoing drama serial Muqaddar as well as Gushtakh, which recently went on air and features veteran actor Faysal Qureshi and Faryal Makhdoom in lead roles.

The actor, who is gearing up for many upcoming ventures including a web-series and drama serial Kaasa e Dil alongside Hina Altaf, shares how he manages to stay in shape when there is no access to gyms due to the on-going pandemic.

Health choices & fitness goals

The Muqaddar actor is quite particular about his physique and tries his utmost to make healthy lifestyle choices. “It’s all about dedication and consistency,” he says. “I make sure to work out as much as I can throughout the week at home because of Corona. I also try to maintain a calorie count when it comes to food. I firmly believe that you’ll get your result if you are disciplined and consistent.”

Talking about his fitness goals, Ali shares that his goal is to look fit, and feel good. “Stamina should be intact and the focus should be on eating healthy and regular workouts. It’s called the triple b theory - Begin, Believe, and Become,” he explains.

According to Ali, the amount of sleep he considers necessary to stay healthy is seven hours of good, deep sleep. “Below seven hours is going to make you feel tired, while more than seven hours will make you feel lazy.”

Eating habits

When asked about his eating preferences, the actor informs that it’s always nice to switch up food options otherwise you’ll get bored. “Always remember, you eat for the results, not for the taste,” he asserts. “If I am following a particular diet plan, I will be eating throughout the day, but I have three main meals per day,” adds Ali.

As for which nutrients dominate his diet, he reveals, “It’s all about the protein. However, I need carbohydrates for energy - only the amount my body requires – along with good fats to keep the brain function on point.

Speaking of juices and shakes, he says that protein shake is a must. Moreover, he consumes grape fruit juice and lots and lots of water during the day.

Work out regime

“Since gyms are still closed, the workout routine is at home.” He continues, “My trainer is my sister Mariam Ansari, who also happens to be an actress. I just follow her routines which are simple body weight exercises but they make you sweat.”

Ali Ansari further went on to say that when things were normal and he used to hit the gym, he would focus on push, pull and isolation exercises with weights ranging from light to heavy. “Apart from that my exercise routine included body weight workout and running. With body weight training, I feel you gain stamina, mobility and strength. Having said that, I haven’t tried yoga as yet but would like to do so as well as get into calisthenics.”

Managing stress

Ali believes that in order to stay mentally healthy, one needs to let the steam out that’s building within one’s body. “Life is tough these days for everyone. My only advice to my fans and followers is don’t give up, keep hustling, plan and also include 20 push ups,” he stresses.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

For that Ali urges everyone to stay active. “Just remember to focus on your calories; that’s what you need to know. It’s what you eat - calorie surplus you gain, calorie deficit you lose and calorie break-even you maintain, he shares.

“However, starving yourself will make you skinny but not make you feel fit. Know your proteins, carbs and fats; understand what their role is only then you will begin unfolding the science of how to get the body you’ve always wanted. It’s hard work, but it’s not impossible,” concludes Ali Ansari.

“It’s all about dedication and consistency”