Fresh faces on TV this season

July 5, 2020

Instep picks four new actors who are shining bright on the small screen these days

Most actors in Pakistan have shot to fame because of television; their performances on the small screen brought them to the limelight and then they made it big. TV being the most watched entertainment medium in the country, actors get access to every household and are known by their character names more than their own. This is why artists who make their film debuts before appearing on TV often feel that audiences do not know them enough or recognize them in public.

Each year, one sees a set of new faces on TV trying to make a mark with small to bigger roles that they are offered. Some manage to impress and bag more opportunities while others fail to make a mark. Nonetheless, there is an ever growing list of new actors joining the league and this is important given the number of dramas produced each year.

Instep highlights four fresh actors who can be caught on the TV screens these days, some appearing in multiple dramas simultaneously.

Ameer Kamal Gilani

Portraying Hassan opposite Mawra Hocane in ongoing drama serial Sabaat, Ameer Kamal Gilani has generated a huge fan base with his most recent role. His performance of a rich yet sweet young man who fights with his family to be with the love of his life is a treat to watch and has resonated well with viewers. Hassan’s chemistry with Anaya (Mawra) is winning hearts and the two have become fan favourites in just a few episodes. A practicing lawyer based in Karachi, Ameer Gilani made his TV debut with Log Kya Kahenge last year while he has appeared in a number of TV commercials as well as shoots.

Sabeena Farooq

Presently playing important roles in drama serials Muqaddar and Kashf, both of which have strong storylines, Sabeena Farooq has been around for a couple of years. Having started with theatre, the actress debuted with Maa Sadqay in 2018, followed by Log Kya Kahenge but she shot to fame as Maina in popular Ramazan special series Suno Chanda 2 last year. Coming back to her recent roles, Sabeena is pulling off both the characters with ease; she is convincing as the strong headed Abeera in Muqaddar while the actress is doing a good job as the self-centered Zoya in Kashf. One would like to see more of her on the small screen.

Laiba Khan

Playing prominent roles in two ongoing drama serials, Mera Dil Mera Dushman and Tarap, Laiba Khan has got potential. The young and dynamic, model turned actor debuted with Dol Bol in 2018 and generated positive feedback for her performance from viewers. With her innocent looks, Laiba brings warmth to the roles she plays on the small screen. She is essaying the role of a simple girl Ayesha in Mera Dil Mera Dushman but is very vocal and sharp as Hani in Tarap. One hopes she takes up versatile roles in the future that will showcase her versatility as an actor.

Srha Asghar

Active for the last five years, with various TV roles to her credit, Srha Asghar as Bilal Abbas’ younger sister Washma in Pyar Ke Sadqay is catching our attention these days. She has got strong screen presence and comes across as a natural when it comes to acting. Whether she is having a friendly conversation with her aunt or being mean to her stepfather or even advising her brother on something, she is very convincing. The actress made her debut with drama serial Khoat, followed by Kambakht Tanoo, Waada, Ishq Ya Rabba, Zindaan, Be Aitebaar, Aik Mohabbat Kafi Hai, Ki Jaana Main Kon and Meer Abroo. However, most of these roles were very small and one hopes to see her playing longer roles in the future.

Fresh faces on TV this season: Ameer Kamal Gilani, Sabeena Farooq, Srha Asghar, Laiba Khan