The neglected Balochi movie industry

Drama, the short duration movie, highlights a crisis faced by local actors

The 44-minute movie, Drama, highlights some of the financial and technical issues facing the Balochi film industry.

Despite the effectiveness of this popular medium, the local film industry remains unsupported.

Seth Khalil has filmed the entire movie within a room. The movie begins and ends in the same room. This makes it very challenging for the movie to retain the viewers’ interest.

It is a Zaamur production. Seth Khalil is the director and Assa Dashti in charge of recording. It has been edited by Mahjabeen Baloch. The story and the screen play have been provided by Saeed Shad. The major roles have been played by Saeed Shad, Ijaz Ahmed, Mohammad Hoth, Tariq Pishukani, Mohammad Lal, Dr Ghulam Qadir, Atta Ullah Baloch and Assa Dashti.

One of the main things the movie highlights is a lack of producers for Balochi films. This results in productions of poor quality. No wonder the people dislike them.

“We do waste our money on a lot of things, so why don’t we give a little bit to support Balochi films?” the movie seems to ask the people.

Drama tells us about a great many happenings linked to the Baloch society. Most of the events relate to the Balochi film industry.

Another important aspect is the shortage of good actors. The main reason that keeps good actors away from Baloch movies is that the financial insecurity. Even while they are getting work, the actors do not receive a handsome pay.

Parents of most of the aspiring actors advise their children from taking this as a profession.

Also, lack of support by viewers condemns even good films and filmmakers to heartbreaking failure.

In Drama, when it looks like the movie cannot be completed due to a shortage of funds, Babu, who has a part in it, sells his gun to help complete it.

This begs the question: if the movies are made for the entire society, why do only film crews have to make the sacrifices?

Dr Haneef Sharif is one of the directors who mainly focuses on movies in a single place. Balochistan Hotel and Kareem are two of his more famous movies.

The Baloch community should come forward and support local artistes. The government too must play its role in promoting Balochi movies.

The writer is a student at University Law College, Quetta. He can be reached at [email protected]

The neglected Balochi movie industry