ESharp to drop new album and film; Karakoram impress with ‘Fanaa’.

May 24, 2020

ESharp gear up to release third LP

After two full length thematic albums released including the very enjoyable 600 Saal that contained songs like ‘Superman’, ESharp has moved on to its third album; it will be accompanied by a film.

The third album, titled Choti Choti Khushiyaan, is set to release on May 26.

The band gained a national profile after appearing in the last season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands (2019). They made it to the top four, gaining jury points for their now hit track, ‘O Shabana’ and also followed it up with a music video of the song in collaboration with Pepsi.

Adil Omar did release a film and musical album in 2018 with Transcendence so the idea is not entirely novel to Pakistan but the way the film has been shot with music embedded within shows what subject inspired each song.

In the sneak peak of the music and film made available to Instep, the band members (Ahmed Zawar, Qumber Azmi, Anwaar Ahmed, and Rajil Anthony) are shown on a rooftop discussing various topics as well as playing music. They talk about what success truly means, having tall houses, big cars and lying love, but without sadness. They sing a song about it, among other things. The conversation caters to the idea to think about the world and all there is to it is love - at least when it comes to ESharp. It also feels like an elegy to artists who feel unseen despite working hard and how having a sense of self belief is important. This is their most ambitious effort and sounds very good with cool pop/rock tunes. Watch out.

Karakoram follow ‘Raasta’ with ‘Fanaa

As we wait for ESharp to release their record in two days, we do not have to wait another day for a Karakoram single. Having made their debut with the edgy ‘Toofan’, it took the band years to release new material. Part of the reason was the lead singer and guitarist Sherry Khattak had also been busy working as session player with other artists like Meesha Shafi. A glimpse of it can be heard on singles like ‘Speaker Phaar’, ‘Mein’, ‘Leela’, and even Fawad Khan’s ‘Uth Jaag’.

But admittedly with a stronger focus on the band Karakoram now, it makes complete sense for ‘Fanaa’ to drop after ‘Raasta’. It also bodes well for the band because they do have a raasta (destination) so to speak and know just how to get there.

They released the prog-rock ‘Raasta’ earlier in 2020. And have followed it up with ‘Fanaa’. Similar to ‘Raasta’ in tones, ‘Fanaa’ has those same unrestricted heavy-rock moments but is also darker in tone and unlike the Karakoram debut release, ‘Toofan’. With a mournful layer, the song shows what inner demons exist as well as a direction that Karakoram have decided to take and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Meanwhile, videos of the band performing at Koblumpi Music Festival have also been released including a terrific cover of ‘One Step Closer’, originally by Linkin Park.

ESharp to drop new album and film; Karakoram impress with ‘Fanaa’.