“Push yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle”

May 24, 2020

Actor Ali Rehman Khan shares how he keeps himself motivated to stay active and fit in times of self-isolation.

With home confinement and social distancing becoming the new reality for two months now, most of us have become lazy and enjoy curling up on the couch, binge-watching Netflix and that too while eating all kinds of unhealthy snacks.

What we tend to forget is that regular exercise, be it 30 minutes of brisk walking or cycling is crucial for supporting healthy immune function, boosting one’s mood as well as preventing weight gain during this global pandemic.

If your world is feeling a bit out of control, take a cue from actor Ali Rehman Khan, who tries to stay in shape by making healthy lifestyle choices and incorporating daily exercise into his schedule.

To learn more about Ali Rehman’s fitness mantra, Instep got in touch with the versatile actor, who is all set to resume shooting for his upcoming film Parde Mein Rehne Do once the lockdown relaxes, which it has.

Health regime

Talking about healthy lifestyle, Ali shared that he is a health buff and quite conscious of what he consumes during the day. “I’m always very careful of what I eat and I make sure to maintain a balanced diet along with strict workout. In fact, everything I eat I make sure it’s very healthy and most importantly, I avoid sugar and try to sleep early at night.”

He continued, “I think you just have to push yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If someone is serious about achieving their fitness goals, they have to keep on working towards it.”

Eating preferences

According to Ali, the nutrients that dominate his diet include a lot of protein and a balance between carbohydrates and fats even during Ramazan. “I usually have three to five meals a day depending on how long the day is – if I start my day early (like 9 o’clock), then I have five meals a day,” he revealed.

As for what he consumes during the day, Ali stated, “Normally, for breakfast I have an omelette made with six egg whites and some multigrain bread. I have some chicken with brown rice and cheese or butter and vegetables for lunch and dinner. My diet also includes healthy snacks like protein bars, peanuts, almonds as well as protein shakes that I mix with some blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Moreover, I try to avoid sugary stuff as much as I can.”

Fitness routine

Ali went on to say that he works out six days a week and mostly does weight training, using basic weights like dumbbells and barbells. “Sometimes it depends on what I am getting ready for. If I want to put on some muscle, I go for weight training followed by some cardio exercises. Otherwise, if I am trying to go lean and tone up then I opt for a mixture of weight training and CrossFit,” he explained.

With gyms being closed due to lockdown, the Bewafa actor shared that one can stay fit and active by incorporating outdoor activities like cycling and running. His advice to his fans and followers is to engage themselves in cardio exercises. “Now that I am not shooting and staying at home, I mostly workout with dumbbells to keep myself in shape,” he added.

Speaking of fitness goals and how Ali keeps himself motivated for this lifestyle, he informed, “Basically my acting projects keep me motivated to stay in shape. When I’m preparing for something, I work towards it. I want to feel and look good and when you’re fit you’ll automatically feel good about yourself – I stay fit all year round because of my work.”

Staying fit during quarantine

“Don’t eat too much and don’t just sit around watching television,” Ali suggested. “To stay active it is important to workout at home; do some running, go cycling, you can play frisbee or badminton with your family.”

He stressed, “Now that you have ample time at hand, you can work on achieving your fitness goals; if you don’t have equipment to do weight training at home, you can opt for the various cardio and CrossFit workouts by different trainers available online.”

Importance of mental health

“It is very important to be mentally strong; it has been a while since we are at home and not going out for work, so try and stay positive. Remember the good things in life and look forward to the things that you want to do once the lockdown will be over rather than thinking about bad times. I think one way of dealing with stress during this testing time is to spend quality time with your family,” he concluded.

Actor Ali Rehman Khan shares how he keeps himself fit in times of self-isolation