Salons shift their services online

May 17, 2020

Leading beauty salons across the country have been in physical lockdown but very active online, instructing their followers on how to keep up with hair and beauty regimes at home.

We’re almost two months into lockdown and while life is gradually returning to a new norm, people are still being asked to be responsible and conscious of social distancing and hygiene. People from almost all walks of life are thinking of ways to keep going, both personally and professionally. Noticeably, businesses that could easily transfer their activity online have made major switches.

While salons do not fall in the online business model, salon owners and beauticians have improvised to reach out to their customer base. Some salons have been providing home services through lockdown and for customers who are a little more careful than others; beauticians have taken to their social media properties to connect with and provide customers with DIY (Do It Yourself) instructions.

Here’s how five of Pakistan’s top salons have managed to stay relevant through lockdown imposed due to the emergence and seriousness of Covid-19 spreading…

Natasha Salon

If you check out Natasha Salon’s Instagram handle, it has plenty of videos featuring Natasha Khalid Lakhani showing viewers some quick makeup looks while they are in lockdown. The content also includes tips and tricks surrounding night time skin care, cleaning makeup brushes as well as face massages to sculpt, de-puff, and make the skin glow. Natasha has also been posting about DIY remedies, home-made scrubs and step-by-step facials with kitchen ingredients. She recently started an online beauty masterclass and skin webinars. The recently launched Online Skincare Webinar will cover Natasha’s #100watt Skin Method including the Skin-Inside method and plan, Skin-Outside method and Makeup Solution. The first session will took place from May 14 till 16, which will be followed by another one from June 1 till June 3. Registrations for the classes are open now.


Style guru and image consultant to the stars, Nabila has been very active in lockdown. For one, she has been hosting inspirational, live sessions on her Instagram page that include – but are not limited to – hair and makeup techniques. While salons in Karachi are still not open to public, Nabila in Lahore resumed its services earlier this week, assuring complete safety of their stylists and clients. In a video posted on Instagram, Nabila announced that as the situation is unfavorable, she is making a choice of taking charge and making amends. “I will reflect, rethink and reinvent a way forward; I will research, learn and find a new way of working. I will raise the bar,” she asserted. Under this vision, the salon is working with scientific precision, assuring client declaration, temperature checking at the entrance, regular disinfecting of salon space, social distancing practices and personal protective equipment for everyone who steps in!


Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institution is also keeping up with changing dynamics and has consistently been offering live sessions featuring useful tips and tricks. The salon is also offering its services at home, under Depilex Express that resumed its services earlier this month. Meanwhile, Depilex Smileagain Foundation that is committed to supporting and rehabilitating burn victims is also seeking support by sharing stories of survivors on their social media.

Toni & Guy

The Toni & Guy hair salon has been offering tips and tricks too, in addition to addressing client queries during the lockdown. To make hair and skin care simpler in these times, they have been offering delivery of a variety of products while introducing virtual client servicing via Instagram DMs. To address issues such as overgrown roots, fading colours and unkempt hair, they redirect clients to their favorite hair and skin care specialists.

Bina Khan

Bina Khan has been live streaming makeup tutorials, creating and recreating some sought-after looks such as the smoky eye, on-camera office look, the dinner look, mix make-up, camera ready, etc. She recently joined HSY in a live session where she spoke about the perfect makeup look to go with one’s bridal outfit. Meanwhile, Bina Khan also introduced online makeup classes last month. The 8-hour long live training incorporated contour and highlighting, base, liner, eye makeup, lips and cheek and tools as well as product selection while creating multiple makeup looks.

Coronavirus: Salons shift their services online