6 people, 6 feet apart

May 17, 2020

Actress and host Ayesha Omar’s recent Vlog, called 6 X 6, is all about staying healthy, active and fit while taking precautionary measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the past one year, numerous celebrities have launched their own YouTube channels including the likes of Hania Aamir, Iqra Aziz and many others.

Moreover, actress and host Ayesha Omar, who is currently appearing in the second season of hit comedy show Bulbulay, also started her channel last year. Ayesha Omar has been quite active on social media since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and is also doing live workout sessions on Instagram. Recently, the actress uploaded a video, 6 X 6 on her YouTube channel, which stresses on how one can socialize and stay fit while taking all the precautionary measures during Ramzan including social distancing.

Instep got in touch with the host and actress who shared the concept behind 6 X 6, which literally means 6 people, 6 feet apart. According to Ayesha, “The main idea is to make the most of this free time, get to know your neighbours and also stay fit by cycling; one of the best cardio exercises.”

Talking about how this idea came about, the host and actress told Instep, “I started biking almost a month ago around the neighbourhood all alone as my friends lived far from my place and we just couldn’t make a plan to bike together. After a few days I met some neighbours and I happened to ask them if they would like to join me. They agreed and we somehow arranged bikes for them and made a group of six people, who have been biking together, keeping in mind all the necessary measures, like maintaining 6 feet distance at all times, wearing all safety equipments, like helmets, face masks etc, and checking our bikes before starting the ride.”

She further added that it is very convenient and because there have been no cases reported in their vicinity, this was the safest way to hang out together and go to nearby places every day before iftaar.

So I thought to make a video about it and share with people, about what are safe and healthy ways to stay active and fit while you are in lockdown. You see, it is very depressing if you are indoors constantly - you need to see people and you need to breathe fresh air,” she added.

Ayesha Omar along with her biking partners, Sabih Khan, Sehr Beg, Saleena Beg, Tooba Sanwar Ali and Talha Jatoi.

In the video, Ayesha Omar is seen along with Sabih Khan, owner of the Carbon Fitness Gym, Sehr Beg, who owns Bodyskulpt as well as Saleena Beg, a former fitness trainer and owner of Celebrate. The group also includes Tooba Sanwar Ali, who owns Escale Fitness Studio and journalist, and anchor Talha Jatoi.

“As the six of us are biking on the roads we share a lot of tips with each other on how to stay active, what healthy options to consume during seher and iftaar and how one can perform some light exercises, allowing your endorphins to kick in. Through this video the main message we want to give to everyone is to stay healthy, make sure to sanitize your hands when outside, wear masks and most importantly help those in need,” she added.

Talking about Vlogs, she explained that she believes in making informative videos. “I think if you can give some expert knowledge, tips and advice it is much better especially during these testing times when everybody is feeling down due to the pandemic. The basic idea behind this video was to motivate and engage people in some kind of activity,” she shared.

Ayesha revealed that she likes the idea of being on wheels and hopefully, after life goes back to normal life, she will continue biking and create more videos about the experience.

When asked if Ayesha thinks this video will have an impact on her fans and followers, she responded, “Well, I hope that it does. When I started off, many of my friends used to make fun of me and now everyone I know has started biking. So, it will definitely have an impact. I went outside and have gotten to know my neighbours; it’s a very enriching experience because you get to enjoy the simple things in life. I know so many people who are tired of being in quarantine or lockdown and want this to end as soon as possible but you have to make the most of any situation. Get out and get those endorphins running – you can utilise this time and work on staying fit and also work on your mental health.”

According to Ayesha, life is unpredictable so it is important to make sure to work on your own self, staying positive and being kind to others. “When you will look good, you will feel good and you’ll not feel nasty about what other people say. It is important to uplift other people especially during this time and even after this pandemic is over,” she concluded.

Actress Ayesha Omar talks about staying healthy, and fit while taking precautionary measures during coronavirus