Kiran Malik: The newfound actor

March 29, 2020

The Dubai based model-turned-actress is likely to appear in three films – Zarrar, Money Back Guarantee and Dam Mastam – this year.

The future of Pakistan’s film industry may not look as bright as one would like it to be, given a major low the local box office witnessed last year and the current situation due to the outbreak of corona. However, several filmmakers and/or big production banners did announce films for 2020. While some of those films will inevitably get delayed due to the current lockdown, one hopes those that have completed filming will manage to release without further delay.

One name that is associated with not one but three 2020 films is model turned actor Kiran Malik, who made her film debut with Shazia Ali Khan’s Pinky Memsaab in 2018. Though the first film she shot was Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar, it got delayed and is now expected to release in 2020 instead. In addition, Kiran is going to play a prominent part in Faisal Qureshi’s upcoming political satire, Money Back Guarantee whereas she will feature in a dance number in Dam Mastam.

“Having watched me in Pinky Memsaab, Faisal Qureshi called me and sent me the script for Money Back Guarantee,” Kiran told Instep in an exclusive telephonic interview from Dubai. “For me, script is the most important part of a project; once I signed the film, I found out that it features Fawad Khan and many other actors. I was lucky that the cast was good. There were a lot of boys in the film and I was hesitating initially but they really helped and gave me a comfort level while we were shooting.”

Money Back Guarantee is a comedy film with at least 27 characters; the roles are small but integral,” continued Kiran, who wrapped up the film’s shoot in Karachi earlier this year.

The actor shared that she is part of an ensemble cast; the story begins and ends with multiple characters whose paths cross. It is a male-oriented film with actors including Mikaal Zulfiqar, Gohar Rasheed, John Rambo, Wasim Akram, Mani and many others in the cast.

An HR professional, Kiran went on to share that she is a big fan of director Faisal Qureshi, who beautifully shot Money Back Guarantee within the schedule despite the huge cast. The film, according to the actor, will convey what’s happening around us through comedy that doesn’t rely on cheap or sexist jokes.

The actor was on the set of Money Back Guarantee when she got a call from Adnan Siddiqui who is debuting as a film producer with Dam Mastam. “He asked me to do a song in the film,” Kiran shared, adding that the former is a dear friend and has been telling her to act for so long. “I refused but he explained that it is not an item number; it is a love song and it is a musical film. He shared that they want someone who looks charming on the screen, like an actress, because the song is supposed to show a leading actress. He thought I’d fit the character and I couldn’t say no to him then. The lyrics are beautiful and the whole song is the journey of a star; it is part of the narrative.”

Behind the scenes: Kiran Malik during the shoot of Zarrar.

Nonetheless, Kiran admitted that if she is asked to do something like this again, she would probably refuse because it is not her.

Coming back to the first film Kiran shot with Shaan Shahid as her mentor, it is the upcoming action thriller Zarrar that is finally releasing this year after much delay. The action-packed film features Shaan, Nadeem Baig, Nayyer Ejaz and Kiran in key roles and is a “political” film, according to Kiran, who features as a journalist whose morality is in question.

“I have tried to give my 200 per cent to this film,” she said, reiterating that this was supposed to be her debut as an actor and could potentially pave way for more opportunities. “In Zarrar, I am trying to show people what they see may not necessarily be the truth. There are a lot of layers to a journalist and why they are there, why they chose a path that is not right, etc. It is about my mistakes, my journey, my learnings and much more that happens in my life being a journalist. There is sharp action in this high budget film that Shaan Shahid has put a lot of effort and hard work into.”

While Zarrar didn’t release as Kiran’s debut film, she is grateful to writer-director Shazia Ali Khan of Pinky Memsaab for trusting her and giving her the opportunity to shine on the big screen. The actor reflected, “It is Pinky Memsaab in which people saw me, leading names like Saba Qamar and Fawad Khan called and appreciated my work, and director Faisal Qureshi reached out to me for Money Back Guarantee.

Kiran recently won the Most Stylish Actress (Film) trophy, along with Mahira Khan, at the Hum Style Awards. Being associated with modelling for years, she definitely has an edge; she has got great style compared to most of her contemporaries. She continues to do fashion shoots, lawn campaigns and fashion editorials but refuses to walk the ramp anymore.

“I am too old for the ramp; I have done it for 14 years,” the 40-something actress confessed, adding that there is an age one does catwalk and that she doesn’t believe in the concept of show-stoppers. “If I go on the ramp now, it will be for a cause.”

With three films in the pipeline for 2020, Kiran Malik is in talks for another one that she hasn’t signed yet; she is also likely to appear in a Dubai production on Netflix. It will be a reality show featuring people who have done a bit in their lives. Meanwhile, Kiran is eager to work in dramas so that masses recognize her.

“I am craving to do a drama so that people get to know me. Right now, there is only a certain class of people who know me. People regularly comment on my posts asking who is this lady and I don’t get offended because I know I am not that big. I am not a celebrity yet but I am trying to become a star. I pray I get more work, more opportunities and people who appreciate my work,” Kiran said on a parting note.


Behind the scenes: Kiran Malik during the shoot of Zarrar.

Kiran Malik: The newfound actor