Hajra Yamin’s healthy lifestyle choices

March 29, 2020

Instep spoke to the actress to find out how she stays fit in spite of her hectic schedule.

Having made her television debut in 2016, Hajra Yamin has some notable performances to her credit, such as drama serials Tabeer, Baandi, Naqab Zan and the recently concluded Ehd e Wafa. In 2018 Hajra ventured into films with Aabis Raza’s Maan Jao Naa, which was followed by Pinky Memsaab the same year. The latter turned out to be the actresses’ breakthrough project and now Hajra Yamin is gearing up for her third film, titled Fly, which is written and produced by Asma Nabeel and tackles the subject of breast cancer. The actress can currently be seen in drama serial Aas, in which she essays the role of Hania, a career oriented and headstrong girl, who has a mind of her own.

As far as health and fitness is concerned, it is certainly not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when our favourite celebrities are always on-the-go. However, the Pinky Memsaab actress firmly believes that clean eating, adequate sleep and a little exercise go a long way. Instep got in touch with Hajra Yamin in a bid to know more about her healthy lifestyle choices…

Fitness goals

Talking about her fitness routine, Hajra shared that she makes sure to eat clean and healthy. However, she also believes in giving herself a cheat day once in a while as she has a sweet tooth.

As for her fitness goals, the actress revealed, “Actually, my only goal is to be strong and in order to achieve this I balance my week with a set of workouts with healthy eating.” Hajra went on to say that even if she is unable to work out because of her busy work schedule, she makes sure to maintain her diet through intermittent fasting.

Eating preferences

When it comes to a healthy diet plan, the actress opts for well balanced meals. She explained that protein dominates her diet and she usually breaks her meals into five portions. “As far as juices or shakes are concerned my diet includes a mix of beetroot, carrot, ginger and grapefruit juices,” she shared.

Workout routine

For anyone who wants to stay in shape, it is imperative to opt for healthy eating habits along with a workout routine – be it cardio exercises, cross-training, weight training etc. According to Hajra, she is not very consistent in working out, but she is trying to become regular. When it comes to exercises, the actress prefers cardio exercises such as running or cycling.

Mental health vs. physical health

We all know that mental health and physical health are closely connected. In fact, mental health plays a major role in one’s ability to maintain good physical health. Speaking about the importance of mental health, Hajra said she finds mental health as integral to well-being as physical health. “I make sure that I have my time and also I believe in consistent therapy,” stressed Hajra.

Sleep, hydrate and other tips…

Hajra Yamin firmly believes that minimum eight hours of sleep is required to stay fit. To attain a healthy lifestyle, she advises to “prioritize yourself and your well-being the most”. A tip that Hajra swears by is drinking hot water with lemon early morning. Lemon juice with warm water promotes digestion and increases the metabolic rate.

As for what precautionary measures she is taking to protect herself from coronvirus, Hajra stated that she is practising social distancing and is keeping herself and her surroundings as clean as possible. “Take every precaution seriously. By helping yourself you are helping others,” she concluded.

Hajra Yamin’s healthy lifestyle choices