Affan Waheed: the accidental actor

March 22, 2020

The Do Bol actor, with multiple drama serials to his credit, has a web series and a film coming up…

Affan Waheed is gearing up for his big screen debut with Mastani, written and directed by Usman Rizvi, which will see Amna Ilyas in the lead opposite him.

One of TV’s favourite faces these days, Karachi-born actor Affan Waheed has been acting for almost a decade now and has numerous dramas to his name. One can catch him in drama serials Ghalati and Mein Na Janoo that are presently on-air while some of his recent hits include Aik Pal, Bay Dardi, Khamoshi and Do Bol, which put the actor in the limelight.

Having made a name for himself on television, the Lahore-based actor is finally branching out. He’ll be making his big screen debut this year with Mastani, in addition to a web series that is also in the works. In this exclusive interview with Instep, Affan talks about his affiliation with acting, his priorities and upcoming projects.

“I am not an exhibitionist by nature hence acting is something I never considered,” Affan, who is an NCA graduate with a major in painting, told Instep. He added that he got into acting by accident and that his parents were very supportive of it.

Reflecting on his professional journey and how the industry is treating him, he added, “Quite nicely, I must in all fairness say. There were times when I was quite media averse and I wanted to run away because the routine is so erratic and the nature of our work is so volatile. It never sat well with me but then I learnt to deal with it and fortunately I am okay now.”

Active since 2010, Affan has had a smooth career path with several notable performances that won him acclaim over the years. However, despite his grip on the craft, good looks and a personality that has the potential to rise to starry heights, the actor is rather underrated compared to his peers. When asked about it, he responded in affirmative and admits that he is probably the reason behind it.

He explained, “The reason to that is myself; I always came in my way. I don’t hang out with people. I don’t rub shoulders. I’m not the media boy, I am a boy in media. Besides, I am very antisocial which could also be the reason. However, I do believe everyone has their own respective journeys and this is how mine was supposed to be.”

Though the actor has essayed various roles, there hasn’t been much diversity in his work except for a few performances in dramas such as Kaafir, Aik Pal and Neelam Kinaray. Was this a conscious choice or did that happen due to the lack of opportunities?

“To be honest, initially I just wanted to play it safe but then I took up a couple of roles that offered me a change and it worked,” Affan reflected, adding, “I was sick and tired of playing the boy next door. But unfortunately, the trend of following suit is quite rampant in our industry; if one person fits into a certain role, he is offered similar ones. And if you are a working actor, whose bread and butter is acting, you end up accepting those offers.”

He furthered, “There isn’t much diversity for the heroes and heroines on TV; they just have to cry, fall in love, fight and get a divorce. That’s it. This has become the tragedy of the hero and heroine on the small screen.”

One of the actor’s recently concluded drama serials, Do Bol proved to be a game changer for him; it was a massive hit and put him in the spotlight. His onscreen chemistry with Hira Mani as well as the script resonated well with viewers. However, his ongoing drama Ghalati, that also features the two together, is pretty average and has nothing substantial to offer. Adding his bit to it, Affan confessed that he was ready for it.

“I believe Do Bol doesn’t happen every day and one’s career path is not the same all along; there are highs and lows,” he asserted. “I used to think, what if mine isn’t as successful. But I’m glad in a way; God knows how much we can handle at a time. Our life is like a training and maybe I am going through a drill.”

The actor says he is really looking forward to a web series that features him and Hira Mani; the two were supposed to hit the set (Lahore) in April but we aren’t sure if that still happens, considering the coronavirus outbreak these days.

The script of the series, titled Woh Das Saal, according to the actor, is beautifully written with mindboggling details. “It is the script, which gives job satisfaction to an actor,” informed Affan, furthering, “It is a hopeless romance but has more to it than what we usually see onscreen.”

In addition to the series, Affan Waheed’s fans will finally get to see the actor on the silver screen this year. He is gearing up for his big screen debut with Mastani, written and directed by Usman Rizvi, which will see Amna Ilyas in the lead, opposite him. Affan agreed to the film after a lot of thought and discussion, after turning down three scripts that he was lately offered. “When I read the script, I found it riveting,” he recalled, hoping that audiences find it as appealing as he did. However, he is prepared for the experience even if it doesn’t work out well.

He continued, “The script is very strong; it is not just comedy, it has drama, suspense and satire in it. My character doesn’t have slapstick comedy, which I never want to do. It is a good, light character that is different from the ones I have played on the small screen.”

Affan has completed almost 70 per cent of the film’s shoot while he is presently considering a few scripts for television as well. Watch this space for exclusive details on the actor’s upcoming projects.

Affan Waheed: the accidental actor