Songs of the week

February 23, 2020

Instep picks top three songs that must be on everyone’s playlist.

Song: ‘Rung’
Artist: Shamoon Ismail
EP: Juice

Shamoon Ismail is skyrocketing. In 2019, he managed to release two EPs (Brown Sugar, Magic) and has started this year on an equally prominent note. Shamoon has been releasing songs from his latest EP, titled Juice. He has so far dropped two songs - ‘Rung’ and ‘Bad Girl’ –and he continues to climb the charts. Shamoon has come a long way from guitar-based music to ambient layers, lo-fi and textured beats.
In Patari’s weekly top 20 charts, Shamoon is featured with the song, ‘Rung’ – the story of a complicated relationship that does not seem to be going his way. Scheduled to play a show in Karachi later this week that will also feature pop champions Strings and is presented by Salt Arts, here’s hoping fans get to hear this new music along with preceding hits.

Song: ‘Disco Deewane (Tribute Edit)

Artist: FDVM

Original: Nazia and Zoheb Hassan

French electronic duo, FDVM, which stands for the initials of Florent Denecker & Victorien Mulliez have developed a strong following in Pakistan, having played public (and private) shows in the country. Participating in Lahooti Melo, Solis Festival as well as shows presented by Salt Arts multiple times, they also made a (tribute edit) of Nazia and Zoheb Hassan’s timeless hit, ‘Disco Deewane’. Apart from playing it at their shows, FDVM have also released their version. And, the great news is that they have retained the integrity of the song unlike the Bollywood version that was featured in Student of the Year as ‘The Disco Song’. Endearing themselves to Pakistani fans with this FDVM x Nazia Hassan single, since then they have collaborated with other Pakistani artists such as Ayesha Omar, Tamaasha guitarist Zahid Qureshi and we can’t wait to hear that release. In the meantime, listen to FDVM’s Edit Tribute of the song that was originally produced by Biddu. It continues to remind us just why Nazia Hassan was and will always be the nightingale and a pioneer in the birth of Pakistan’s disco-pop music.

Song: ‘Laal Kabootar’

Artist: Taha Malik, Zoe Viccaji

Album: Laal Kabootar Original Soundtrack

Appearing on the official soundtrack of Nehr Ghar Films’ debut feature film, Laal Kabootar, directed by Kamal Khan, the title track of the 2019 film doesn’t surpass the mastery of ‘Jug(Art)’ – the first release from the soundtrack – but it comes close. Composed and produced by Taha Malik, with lyrics by Asim Raza, Salman Khattak, Osman Khalid Butt and Taha Malik, the part-EDM song, layered with ferocious hip-hop, not only plays a sublime role in painting the crime thriller’s narrative, it also has the unique ability to stand alone as a good song you can listen to on any nondescript day. Featuring Taha Malik on vocals as well as a very differential-sounding Zoe Viccaji, it makes most of the latter’s voice while reminding you that Taha Malik is one of the great music producers/hip-hop artists we have in the industry today.

Songs of the week: Shamoon Ismail's Rung, FDVM's Disco Deewane, Zoe Viccaji's Laal Kabootar