Hosting a hearty party

February 9, 2020

Get some help from these master chefs in Islamabad and say goodbye to all your hosting worries.

For most of us, hosting a winter soiree is a popular seasonal activity, irrespective of whether we’re hosting a brunch, dinner or hi tea! After all, what is winter without home parties in which you get to eat to your heart’s desire and then curl around heaters for karaoke or board games? I also have to say that there are few things more enjoyable than leftovers the next day. After all, destroyed cake in a box is everyone’s favorite afterparty indulgence and the best part about being a host.

But to get there, you need to throw a party first. Does that sound too much work? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Get some help from these master chefs in Islamabad and say goodbye to all your hosting worries.

Maison Jasmin

The culinary mastermind behind Maison Jasmin is Yasmin, who is originally from Morocco but just moved to Islamabad and decided to turn her passion into a business. Although new in the market, Yasmin has catered some fantastic tea parties and brunches and has already made a name for herself. She operates out of home and delivers at your doorstep.

From various flavors of sweet and savory crepes to a variety of quiches, sliders, smoked chicken croissants, mini pizzas, wraps and sweets like mousse, tarts and other assorted desserts, Yasmin makes everything to perfection and her display looks gorgeous.

Follow her on Instagram to see her catering and curating some stunning and delicious displays in the capital!

Cocoa Palette

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or hi tea, it’s incomplete without the banana bread from Cocoa Palette. This home-based business offers various desserts and savories but their banana bread is heaven sent! Trust me when I say that it can give any banana bread in the world a run for its money.

Full of flavor, moist, tender yet holding itself together because of the brown crust, the chunky slices of Cocoa Palette’s banana bread will leave your guests asking for more. Don’t be surprised if your guests ask to take the leftovers with you because it’s that good!

Cheeseboards & more

Brainchild of Nabia Khurram and one of a kind venture in Islamabad, Cheeseboards & more is a cheese board plus party snacks-focused delivery business that creates stunning and delicious boards that will be the life of any table’s display! Whether it’s a tea party, dinner or a brunch, Nabia will curate a board that suits your needs and surprise you with treats you weren’t expecting.

From hunter beef to Lindt bars, you’ll find the most interesting eatables on the board decorated with fresh flowers and your guests will enjoy picking their favorites. The best thing is it comes in different sizes and caters to all sizes of gatherings. So whether you’re hosting a party for 50 or a small gathering for 6, there’s a cheeseboard for everyone.

Teatime by Mashal

Ask five people in Islamabad to suggest a small tea party caterer and at least four will suggest Teatime by Mashal. If that doesn’t say enough about Mashal’s popularity, I’m not sure what does. While she serves everything from cheesecakes, eclairs and assorted mini desserts to savories like pasta, quiches, lasagna and khao suey, her pavlov and Tres Leches cakes are the

most popular items on the menu. Another item on her menu that has Islamabad going crazy is the Lotus Cake. Mashal participated in the Islamabad Eat a year or so ago and had people absolutely in awe of her Tres Leches cakes. This one has to be a part of your hi tea menu!


Although most popular for its calorie counted healthy meals delivered to your doorstep, right in time for lunch in Islamabad, Treats has everything you need to host the perfect brunch or hi tea. In fact, their offerings and menu is as unique as it can get in the capital’s offerings. From strawberry crepe cakes, golden frittatas and salads with unique combinations like banana and pomegranate to savory servings like roast beef encrusted with rosemary & garlic served on a bed of green beans infused with lemons, Treats offers everything you could dream of for your party’s menu.

The best thing about Ali’s work is that he is always up for a discussion and is willing to experiment and come up with a unique menu for you. So whether you’re hosting an exquisite brunch or just a Pavlov party, check out what Treat has to offer before you make the final call for the menu. You’ll be delighted and surprised, in equal parts!

Hosting a hearty party: Pakistani chefs make it look easy