Is your makeup brand cruelty-free?

January 19, 2020

It is time to make your beauty regime animal-friendly and invest in cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brands.

Have you ever checked to see if your makeup is cruelty-free? You must have come across numerous brands claiming that their products are made without harmful animal testing. However, there are instances when animals are involved in creating certain cosmetics.

Animal products and byproducts have been used for beauty treatments since the days of Cleopatra’s milk baths, but things are changing for the best. Now more and more cosmetic companies are opting for vegan makeup products that do not involve any kind of animal products such as honey, beeswax and lanolin etc. Moreover vegan-friendly and cruelty-free makeup brands do not outsource any animal testing to third parties.

If you’re unfamiliar with the animal-friendly beauty market, we’ve got you covered. Instep has rounded up a few brands that are vegan and don’t test on animals at all, so that you can put your makeup on with a clear conscience.

Urban Decay

It would definitely be an understatement to say that Urban Decay has developed a cult following. From their best-selling, iconic Naked Eyeshadow Palettes that break the internet every time they launch, to their glitter-filled Moondust Eyeshadows, the brand is committed to end animal testing in the beauty market. They also don’t use animal byproducts in any of their lines; even their fluffy make-up brushes are completely cruelty-free. Now you can swatch on your Naked collection guilt-free.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is the first global cosmetics company to campaign against animal testing in 1989, years before it was banned in the UK in 1998. Did you know that vegan products sell at a rate of one per second at The Body Shop? The brand passionately worked with Cruelty Free International to create their own Forever Against Animal Testing campaign to wipe out animal testing across the globe. They managed to reach 8 million signatures in 2018, allowing them to take their petition to the United Nations.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Another brand that is committed to cruelty-free product formulation, testing and development is Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH), the beauty brand best known for its eyebrow products. If you peek inside any celebrity make-up artists’ beauty bag, you will definitely spot a few products by Anastasia Beverly Hills. In the past few years, ABH has received industry-wide recognition for digital innovation and numerous accolades for cult-classic products such as Brow Wiz, Contour Kit, and Liquid Lipstick.

Wet n Wild

A proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ programme, which is committed to eradicating animal testing, Wet n Wild has NEVER tested on animals and they are super proud of it. The super-affordable brand believes in beauty without cruelty first, and most of their beauty products are not only cruelty-free, but vegan as well.


The brand’s name says it all! bareMinerals is committed to selling cruelty-free products, claiming that they don’t test on animals, at all. They don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. Also bareMinerals don’t sell their products where animal testing is required by law. Besides, their make-up doesn’t contain any preservatives, oils, fragrances or damaging chemicals and their ‘Power Of Good’ campaign focuses on a commitment to clean beauty.

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Not only is E.L.F. Cosmetics one of the most budget-friendly makeup brands out there, but is also against testing on animals. The brand has replaced the beeswax and lanolin in its products with synthetic versions, making them not just cruelty-free but vegan as well. In fact, all of its brushes and false eyelashes are also made out of synthetics.

NYX Cosmetics

Loved by makeup artists and beauty influencers alike, founded in 2010, NYX is popular because of its winning combination of high-quality, budget-friendly beauty. And the best part is that the beauty brand doesn’t test on animals and is cruelty-free in all of its formulations and practices. Since the brand’s announcement in 2018, NYX cosmetics have started producing vegan products, including soft matte lip creams, eye shadow palettes, HD finishing powder and brushes.

Is your makeup brand cruelty-free?