The business of fog

January 12, 2020

Concept & photos by Rahat Dar

The skies have been dull for way too long. Or, so it seems, when everything in this fabled city of gardens is rendered in shades of grey, for days on end; there are no greens, no reds, and no indigos. The distances appear longer, and the paths scarier; as you try to make sense of the haze around you. It just wouldn’t go away, as well as the cold.

As you shut your little ones indoors, you must head out. For, you have promises to keep. You return home, after a dreary workday, wondering if the sun will ever shine again — bright and clear. You hope that the haze is just a phase. So it shall pass too.

But till then, it’s going to be business unusual.

Text by Usman Ghafoor

Lahore: The business of fog