Come Christmas

December 22, 2019

Concept & Photos by Rahat Dar

Come Christmas and the 90-odd churches in Lahore light up, beginning with day services and prayers, which are attended by the community folk dressed in their season’s best, and carols sung by choirs and bands. Scenes from Nativity plays are on view, specially prepared Christmas trees are displayed, and Santa hats are passed around for photo ops.

There’s joy in the air, in and outside the Catholic, Protestant, and missionary churches. Traditionally, the biggest ceremony for Catholics is held at Sacred Heart Cathedral, on Lawrence Road, and for Protestants at the Cathedral Church on The Mall.

What’s equally interesting is the fact that a lot of urban-based non-Christians also celebrate Christmas — or, they partake in the festivity. Some distribute gifts to their loved ones, and display Christmas trees in their homes, or at least dress up for the occasion.

It's Christmas time in Lahore