BEAUTY STATION! Stunning hair trends to follow

October 13, 2019

BEAUTY STATION! Stunning hair trends to follow

Instep Desk

A change in weather can bring on the urge to get a new look overall; be it our wardrobes, beauty regime or our hairdo. When it comes to experimenting with hair, there are many options you could go for including a dramatic chop or changing your hair colour. However, the best and easiest way to sport a new look is to change your hairstyling technique.

Admit it or not but your hair can make or break your overall look and with the new season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to experiment with your hairdo. If you are looking for some trendy updos or a new way to add texture or just an excuse to buy more hair accessories, here are some looks that are giving us major hair inspiration.

Twisted half-up buns

A major hair trend this year is the twisted half-up topknots. This style is all about fluffy, combed-out textures with messy, free-flying buns. Start by sectioning off your hair from ear to ear - if you want a smaller bun, section your hair from temple to temple - then split the section down the middle, so you’re holding hair on each side of your part. Loosely roll each section inward, from your hairline to your crown, pinning in place, then twist and coil the end into a bun on the crown of your head, pinning it in place again.

Gelled back hair

Slicked back hair is certainly one of the biggest trends that we are witnessing this season and the best part is that this look is ideal for any hair length. For a quick wet-look finish, rub a dab of hair gel between your wet hands and go through your hair roots - pushing your hair back behind your ears. The key is to keep re-applying thin layers of gel and combing it all back with a fine-tooth comb. Don’t forget to apply some hairspray once you’re done.

Hair combs

The 80s’ and 90s’ hairstyles have taken over the fashion scene by storm and it seems like they are here to stay. One of the trends witnessed at different international fashion weeks was the pulled back hair with combs look that’s loosely inspired by Princess Diana. All you have to do is brush your hair out, then create a deep side part over one eyebrow. Scoop each side of your hair back, securing with comb hair clips, and smooth the rest with hairspray.

Bouncy ponytails

Anyone and everyone can pull off a classic hairdo like a ponytail. If styled in a fashionable way, a ponytail can look absolutely stunning. What you need to do is just brush your hair into a mid-level ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Curl the end of your ponytail around a curling iron, section by section, and brush them out while they’re still warm to create soft bends - remember we don’t want any curls.

Perfectly plaited

Braids have been making appearances - both on and off the red carpet and fashion weeks - for quite some time now. Different kinds of plaits are back with a vengeance, mainly because braids are incredibly versatile and fashionable.

This season polished, tidy braids are in, as opposed to beachy, messy mermaid styles. A sleek, single and nonchalant braid with mid-parting is a style that you can easily create at home.

The scrunchie factor

In case you haven’t heard, the humble scrunchie has made a major comeback and that too with far more refined versions. With modern touches, the return of the scrunchie has the potential for some major cool hairstyles.

Plus, the soft material is easier on your hair as compared to tight elastics. Whether you want to make a low bun, a high ponytail or a half up, half down look, the best way is to secure your hairdo with a scrunchie, and voila you are good to go!

BEAUTY STATION! Stunning hair trends to follow