BEAUTY STATION! Time to switch to nail art

August 18, 2019

BEAUTY STATION! Time to switch to nail art

Instep Desk

Summer is the perfect time to amp up your everyday manicure. While some women are fixated with earthy tones, pale-pink nail polish and neutral nails, this season is all about bright manicures. The breakout nail-art trend this summer is loud and fluorescent and will definitely up your nail game.

When it comes to bright, out-of-the-box manicures, girls are going all out with their nails and we just can’t get enough of the playful, electric looks. If a daring nail trend is not your thing, you can tone it down and make these trends your own.

From stars to tie & dye to on-trend neon, here are five super popular nail-art trends you will want to try this summer.

Starry affair

One of the hottest nail trends this season is stars. Paint stars in various vibrant hues on your fingertips and let your nails do the talking. If the look is too much for you, you don’t have to put them on every single nail in a super bright shade. Instead, you can keep things simple by adding just one or two tiny stars as accents. Another way is to switch it up by using neutral colours, or have all your stars on just one accent nail. If you are a beginner, we recommend you use a stencil to get the shape of the stars just right.

Neon nails

This summer neon is everywhere. If you aren’t too keen to inject some neon into your wardrobe, neon nails are a fun way to incorporate some vibrant hues into your life. If you’re daring enough, opt for all neon nails such as green, yellow, pink, etc. For those who prefer a more low-key manicure, try neon French tips. Adding a hint of neon is the easiest way to update your French manicure. Just apply a nude earthy nail shade and, instead of white tips, go for neon green tips or any other hue you prefer. The best thing about the ‘neon-nude’ nail trend is that there are endless ways to try it and make it your own. You can go full-blown bright on every finger, or simply add a subtle accent to a few nails in your favorite neon shade.

Swirly tie-dye

Tie-dyed nails, otherwise known as water marbling, have been around for the last few years. However, since Kylie Jenner tried the tie-dye manicure, the trend has taken over by storm. What is great about this trend is that no matter the length of your nails, you can still pull off this trend and can make it as bold or as minimal as you like. Here’s how you can DIY: Paint your nails white and allow them to mostly dry, drop a few different colours of nail polish into a disposable cup of water, then swirl with a toothpick and stick your finger (nail side down) into the cup. Wipe off the excess from your skin, slap on a clear top coat, and you’re good to go!

Two-toned nails

Wanting to make a bold nail statement? Switch to a fun and sleek, two-toned manicure. Two-toned nail art, one of 2019’s most popular manicure trends, offers endless takes on cool nail art and lets you experiment with bright colours. You can go for half orange and half black nails; for a more feminine take on the two-tone trend opt for bubble-gum pink and white nails.

Shine on

From metallics to glitter, high-shine nails provide a look-at-me-now option for your nails, making them perfect for the summer. Want to stay on-trend? Then opt for high-shine metallic green nails or glittery blue nails. If you’ve got a soft spot for extra sparkly nails, then confetti nails are the way to go. Just imagine your digits decked up in glitter, shiny stars, and sequins. Sounds nice, right? Confetti nails take a few different popular nail appliques, like stars and sparkles, and combine them together to make one amazing, party-ready manicure. And of course, it’s completely customizable.

BEAUTY STATION! Time to switch to nail art