BEAUTY STATION! Glam up this festive season

August 11, 2019

BEAUTY STATION! Glam up this festive season

Instep Desk

Eid ul Azha is just a day away and this festive occasion brings with it loads of luncheons and barbeque parties with your family and friends. Eid also means that you’ll want to decide what looks to sport during the festive season. These days there are numerous beauty looks trending online and with so much inspiration you can draw for your Eid look, opting for the perfect look can get quite confusing.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Instep has rounded up some of the best looks that you should definitely try this Eid.

Go sheer

Let’s start with the base. In the summertime it is always best to go for light coverage foundation or you can even skip it and use concealers where needed and blend out the rest. The key is to show off your complexion and target coverage only where needed. Using a sheer or radiance-boosting foundation formula will allow your skin to shine through. After all fresh skin is ‘always’ in.

Lightly highlighted skin

Obsessed with the highlighter? Well this season is all about keeping your skin dewy, which means you can’t go overboard with the highlighter. Unlike that harsh contouring, highlighting emphasizes the points of your face where the light hits. Just a touch on your Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, and brow arches give your skin a naturally gorgeous finish.

Add a pop-of-colour

Summer 2019’s standout makeup trend is definitely the colourful eye shadow.  Be it colourful eyelashes or a swipe of vibrant eyeliner; adding a pop-of-colour on your eyes will surely make you stand out.

Whether you want to apply falsies or rock a bright mascara, this is an awesome look for someone who wants to do something different but not too over the top. Trade your boring black mascara for a royal blue, emerald green, or purple mascara. If you are daring enough to pull off neons then opt for neon pink or yellow.

As for eyeliner, you can go as bold as you want; wear your favourite hues like red, electric blue or neon green to make your eyes pop

Fluttery lashes

Whether it’s falsies or several layers of dramatic mascara, feathery lashes are all the rage this season. Want to achieve long, fluttery lashes? All you have to do is use an eyelash curler on each eye for at least 15 seconds. Apply black mascara in zig zag strokes and voila you are all set to go. For a more dramatic effect you can use some false lashes.

The monochromatic look

Monochromatic makeup is one of the hottest trends this season and seems like it is here to stay. This Eid opt for a sunny, orange hue; think terracotta. This tone-on-tone makeup is actually wearable and is quite simple as you can achieve your desired look by using just one product. Here is what you need to do: use a similar colour on the lips, blusher and eye shadow - all from the same colour palette. If you want to experiment with a brighter tone, you can go for all pink or lilac.

Classic ponytails

This hairdo, if styled in a fashionable manner, looks super classy. This Eid as the warm weather continues, it is best if you go for the sleek ponytail - most preferably low – with centre parting. After securing your pony with a rubber band, don’t forget to pull on the hair right above the elastic to soften up the style and give it a beautiful silhouette.

Braided effect

Apart from ponytails, topknots and braids are quite in vogue. This Eid opt for face framing braids - if you have long hair add a single top-to-tail braid to your wavy hairdo. Besides you can also wear your hair in an ultra-high swishy braided pony.

Planning to go for a simple, no-fuss plait then add some oomph by accessorising it with pearl or flower clips, statement pins or real flowers.

BEAUTY STATION! Glam up this festive season