BEAUTY STATION! Let your eyes do the talking

July 7, 2019

BEAUTY STATION! Let your eyes do the talking

Instep Desk

When it comes to makeup trends, they are almost always driven by nature. Autumn is all about warm ochre and umber tones while in winter we’re drawn to either frosty, shimmery shades or dark ones. Come spring and summer we opt for pastels and vivid primary colours.

While we all have a signature style and prefer sticking to our tried and tested looks - the black classic eyeliner, smokey eyes or dabbing a gold shadow on the lids - this summer we would urge you to ditch your signature style and add some colour to your eyes.

Make way for a few colourful trends that you can flaunt this season…

Colourful mascara

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend is to go for a colourful mascara. Unlike blending a bright colourful eye shadow or building up the courage to use a non-black or brown eyeliner, coating your lashes in coloured mascara is a quick step that will take your eye game up a notch. So, have fun with your beauty choices and trade your boring black mascara for a bright blue, green, or purple mascara. The trick is to stop thinking that you can’t pull it off because you absolutely can.

Vibrant eyeliner

Jet-black and brown eyeliners are classic colours and trust us they’re not going anywhere. Have you stuck to the same black liner for as long as you can remember because it complements your skin tone and hair colour? Step out of your comfort zone and let vibrant colors inspire you to go bold with your liner. Think retro blue, emerald green, vibrant violet, or a bright fuschia. These hues will definitely make your eyes pop. And, you don’t have to worry about a lip colour because your liner steals all the attention. For those daring gals out there, you can even opt for a glittery, red modern cat eyeliner. Graphic shapes and a glittery finish is definitely a deadly combo.

Rainbow eye shadow

The latest makeup trend sweeping across Instagram is rainbow-dusted eyes. So, put away the neutral palette that you’ve been using and go for some gorgeous hues. Why pick one colour when all can collectively look cohesive and cool? You’ll want to use all the shades of the rainbow for this look, so make sure you have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet hues on-hand. You don’t have to apply all the colours; you can go for three of your favourite shades to create rainbow-eyes.

On-trend neon

Remember Emma Stone’s neon green eye makeup ahead of a movie premiere at the New York Film Festival, last year?  Well, since then the neon trend has taken over by storm and seems like it is here to stay. A slew of A-listers has been rocking neon lids on the red carpet, with green the hot hue for summer 2019.The trick is to keep the rest of the face fresh and dewy, so the eyeliner or eye shadow remains the stand-out element. It’s sporty and futuristic in the best way. If you are not too big on green you can always go for neon pink or orange.

Think pink, go purple

Pink and purple are clearly the it-colours right now as it was the most worn colour at the 2019 Oscars. Embrace this feminine shade all the way this season. Deep rosy hues look stunning on dark skin tones and pastel pinks complement fair complexions the best. As for purple you can rock this trend by opting for a lilac hue or a deeper shade of purple.

BEAUTY STATION! Let your eyes do the talking