BEAUTY STATION! Looking for the best blow dry

February 10, 2019

BEAUTY STATION! Looking for the best blow dry

There is a running joke on Instagram that a woman at the salon was asked about the occasion she was getting a blow dry for. And she said she was breaking up with her partner tonight. That’s a queen move, I must say! Never underestimate the power of a blow dry. Whether you’re heading out for an interview, attending a family dinner or just heading out with friends for a brunch, blow dries are magical; they change the world for the good and instantly make your day better.

Now that we have established that a good blow dry is the solution to most of our problems, the bigger question is where to find it, especially for those of us in Islamabad. It’s very difficult to find the perfect blow dry because some places work great for some hair but not so good for others. While Royli, Sobia’s, Faiza’s, Jugnu and Toni & Guy are popular and staples that everyone knows about and mostly heads to, there are some others that do a great job. Some of them are lesser known, light on the pocket but great at the same time.

Instep went on a search for great blow dries for all pockets and here’s the list that will make your life easy on days when you need a quick hair fix…

Nirvana at Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Nirvana at Islamabad Marriott Hotel definitely has one of the best blow-dries in the city, especially if you’re lucky enough to get one from Mona (you can call and book an appointment asking for her). Mona is so good that it feels like she actually understands your hair and your hair respond to her just as well. Her blow dry is bouncy, wavy, voluminous and just plain perfect. Priced at Rs. 1500 plus service tax (since it’s in a hotel), the blow dry is perfect for occasions, if not for a casual day or just to pamper yourself without a reason.

Bia’s Salon

Another one of the lesser-known salons, which is now gaining recognition, is Bia’s Salon. Essentially for bridal and party make up, this place is always mentioned when people speak about the best blow dry in town. Just ask for Ashi at Bia’s and know that you’re in safe hands. She’ll work her magic on your hair as you close your eyes for half an hour or so and you’ll open your eyes to say goodbye to the bad hair day. The folks at Bia’s are also really good for side curls if you’re looking to level up your hair game.


Alan is a hidden gem, literally. She’s been around for as long as I can remember (over 12 years definitely) but since she’s in I-8, a lot of people don’t know about her. For those who don’t know, Alan is a small Chinese hair salon in Sangam Market in I-8 Islamabad. Initially, the owner (Alan) would do the hair herself but now all her girls have been trained to perfection. Yet, if you can manage to get her to do it you’ll feel like it’s the best blow dry you’ve ever received. The best thing - it’s quick and relatively inexpensive. At Rs. 800 you can’t hope for a better option. If your hair is dead straight, ask them to pin the end curls for a while and open them just before the occasion and voila! You’re all set.


Known for their party and bridal make up, Porcelain is also the place to go for a quick but great blow dry. It’s also great for hair styling and curls if you’re looking for something more fancy but even a regular blow dry will look yummy, bouncy and stays through the evening!  The end curls in Porcelain’s blow dry are what dreams are made of. The only downfall is that you can’t just walk in there. You have to call and make an appointment, particularly during the busy season.


Zaash, a hair salon in F-7 Islamabad has always been underrated for its true potential but they really are the hair experts. Whether you want a simple blow dry, the perfect hair cut, protein treatment for your hair or want to change the colour of your hair, Zeeshan at Zaash is your go-to person. He really is a magician who knows what he’s doing. Zeeshan has worked at Toni & Guy in London before he came back to Pakistan and opened his own place. It’s a very small cosy hair salon tucked away on Street 30 in F-7/1 and it can be a little tough to find if you’re going there for the first time but anyone who wants to experiment with new things for their hair should visit Zaash.

BEAUTY STATION! Looking for the best blow dry