January 20, 2019


This new viral craze has given everyone the chance to flaunt how far they’ve come (or not) in the last decade. Using the #10YearChallenge, users across Instagram have shared side-by-side comparisons, showcasing their transformations. Instep examines what’s really changed since 2009 for some of our favourite celebrities.


Sadaf Kanwal

If there were prizes being giving out for winning the challenge, Sadaf Kanwal would have taken home the gold. She went through a complete transformation in the past decade – shedding off her baby weight and completely transforming her hair. From an awkward teen with a bad haircut (and colour!) she’s blossomed into a graceful and glamorous fashion model.


Amna Baber

Amna Baber’s 10-year throwback was a portrait shot where one could only see her bright red hair and chubby cheeks. Today, she’s lost weight and has gained inimitable model-off-duty style. Her t-shirt aptly reads ‘do something you can be proud of’ and it works because the complete transformation/style evolution is something to be proud of.


Uzair Jaswal

Singer-songwriter Uzair Jaswal shared his then and now pictures and added that he’s already looking forward to 2029 to share his next transformation. If it’s as good as this one, then so are we. He transformed from a gawky, love song crooning music group member to a well-dressed, well-groomed musician who’s oozing confidence.


Syra Shahroz

Syra Shahroz has not aged much in ten years and she has great genes to thank for - her sister Palwasha’s 10 year throwback has us convinced. The only thing that changed on the actress was the colour of her hair and we like the new one much better.


Bilal Khan 

Bilal Khan ended the past decade with bleached blonde hair. Sharing why on his Instagram, he said he did it for $2000 for the dam fund. He explained that his friend was not interested in donating for the cause so to get some money out of him, the singer agreed to a dare. Bilal Khan’s Zayn Malik look made sure he was on our best celebrity challenge list.