BEAUTY STATION! Hair hits from the 90s

August 12, 2018

BEAUTY STATION! Hair hits from the 90s

Just as trends in fashion are coming back, there are hair styles from your mother’s heyday making a return. First came the scrunchie, then the backpack, the choker, crop tops and even brown lipstick. Yes, these are the trends your mom’s more excited about than you. Here are five of the most-loved 90s’ hair trends resurfacing in the millennial age.



Whether you call them space buns or pop star buns, one of the most go-to hairstyle of the 90s has been revived and is totally wearable this year. Back in the day, styling a pair of buns would make one stand out in a crowd and that’s probably why it’s still popular. Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things served a look at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2018 featuring space buns + black ribbons that gave us #hairinspo for the rest of the year.


Clips in the hair

Throwing you straight back into middle school, these snap clips will bring a fun, teenage-like flourish to your look. While Bey may be in the news these days, it was her sister Solange Knowles who showed up to the CFDA Awards wearing a chrome suit and a solid row of metallic barrettes on each side of her head to match last year. Since then we’ve spotted Bella Hadid, Negin Mirsalehi and Chloe Moretz in these clips and depending on how you style them.


Half up, half down

Another style that has been another major flashback for the millennials is the famous half up, half down hairstyle. Be it on braided hair, or curly and wavy or on straight hair, this style manages to bring in the funk. Perhaps that’s why it is still an "in" thing. The half up, half down can be styled with some throwback accessory trend, like a 90s’ scrunchie or some butterfly clips.


Bob and bangs

Retro bangs are essentially just feathered or blunt bangs that start at a few inches from your eyebrows. Currently identifying as the "cool girl" hair, retro bangs are definitely for the edgy and bold. Cool girl numero uno, Alexa Chung has been championing this look for years now. Her tousled bob, ombre waves and choppy cuts have become quite a signature.


Sleek ponytail

Its simplicity and sleekness has brought it this far. Not only that, it also oozes glamour on versatile levels. Adaptable whether it’s going to the gym or for a job interview, the sleek ponytail is a true wide-ranger and is perfect for every occasion. There’s a reason it has stood the test of time and made it to 2018.

BEAUTY STATION! Hair hits from the 90s