BEAUTY STATION! A new no-makeup age

June 3, 2018

BEAUTY STATION! A new no-makeup age

Whether you liked it or not, Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup has heralded a new age in beauty trends. Her royal wedding makeup has been described by the beauty and lifestyle press as "refreshingly simple" or "natural beauty". Her freckles were on full display, evident under a hint of blush and what looked to be the sheerest layer of foundation. It looked like Meghan but only better, which is the basis of the ‘no makeup look’. Currently, there are two ends of the spectrum – on one end there is the full face of makeup and on the other is the "no-makeup makeup."

Markle came down clearly on the "no-makeup makeup" side by silently pushing for natural beauty and the ‘real’ on a large platform. It may seem that she, or other no makeup look proponents, don’t have much on but it’s actually about technique and products that help achieve such effortless and natural-appearing makeup. We picked our favourite products to help achieve this look!


Facial Oil

Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Replenishing Oil

One of the secrets to "no-makeup" success is glowing, even skin. This look is mostly dependent on good skin care because well-hydrated skin looks luminous. Massaging on a few drops of face oil before tackling a natural makeup look is a good idea. This particular face oil by Lancôme is clear and weightless and smells great too!



Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner in Whiskey

Brown pencils define your eyes without looking as obvious and stark as black. This is a  shade that’s soft and easy to smudge but stays put once it sets. To add subtle definition to your lower lash line, blend out the line with a brush.


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

This is a great mascara for everyday wear because it won’t wear your lashes down and works like a charm without being obvious. To get maximum usage out of it, wiggle the wand into the roots of your top lashes and brush through to the tips.


Brow Groomer

Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit’s brow products are some of our favourites. To use this product efficiently, comb on the clear brow gel, focusing the most on your arches where you want them to stick in place the most. It expertly tames rogue hairs so they don’t get messed up all day long.



Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Blush

Cream blush is the best to use in summer months when you’re more likely to sweat. This one by Elizabeth Arden doesn’t have any shimmer, is sheer and has a texture similar to that of skin. It gives a natural ‘lit from within’ look that is most suited to the no-makeup look.


Tinted Lip Balm

Clinique Chubby Stick

Keeping lips moisturized is integral to any makeup look but with a minimal look one should go for a colour closest to the lip. If you want a little bit more color than a tinted balm, try Clinique’s Chubby Stick for its sheer, moisturizing formula.



BEAUTY STATION! A new no-makeup age