BEAUTY STATION!Hair colours for Autumn/Winter 2017

October 15, 2017

Here is a list of shades to choose from for the season and how to go about it.

BEAUTY STATION!Hair colours for Autumn/Winter 2017

Instep Desk

Hair makes all the difference to one’s personality and a new haircut or hair tone can change your entire look within hours. Every season brings different trends that keep slaves to style obsessed with constantly updating their style game. Whether you have blonde, red, brown or black hair, it’s all about going for a warmer, richer tone using glosses this fall, according to color genius Aura Friedman and celebrity colorist Michael Canalé.

Instep shortlists some of the season’s popular hair shades and how to achieve them in order to get satisfactory results.

Bold brunette with golden brown highlights

Chocolate brown hair with rich golden brown strands towards the end gives a fresh edge to brunette hair. It helps brighten your face and give your hair an overall dimension. To find the right colour, look for terms like ‘rich chocolate brown with golden tones’ on the kit. The golden tones on Jenna Ushkowitz’ hair here won’t be as much visible on yours but your hair will look multidimensional, which is the opposite of looking flat.

Butterscotch brown

One of the trendiest hair colour options of the moment happens to be butterscotch brown. Those butterscotch candies that you love to eat also happen to be inspiration for a gorgeous hair color. This brown shade with golden tones could be the perfect way to go brunette without settling for a basic shade. It looks gorgeous and is multidimensional because "it’s a burnt brown meets a reddish pink undertone," according to Aura Friedman. If you want to experiment with this one and you have darker hair, ask your colorist to go lighter. If you’re already blonde, look for terms like ‘terra-cotta’ or ‘medium auburn’ on the box kits.

Multidimensional blonde

Thinking about dying your hair blonde conjures a multitude of images, from the subtlest blonde highlights to complete transformations through the bleaching process. You can go platinum blonde from a dark natural hair color or simply liven up already-blonde tresses but let’s make it more fall-appropriate by taking the over blonde summer look and turning it into multidimensional blonde. (Though Asian women rarely have natural blonde hair we have enough peroxide blondes for this to be relevant.) According to Michael Canale, who handles Jen Aniston’s hair, "To achieve this look, have your colorist use a gloss to create lowlights or depth. For a similar look to Bella’s, you’d want to use a golden gloss to turn brighter and medium blondes a tiny bit more golden. The choice is yours!

Rich, dark brown

Brown simple doesn’t do justice to the incredible range of brunette hair colours available out there. From honey to cocoa to chestnut to mahogany, the hair color options for brunettes are unlimited and truly gorgeous. One of them that we highly recommend for this season is rich, dark brown tone that is suited to all skin tones in our part of the world. Something similar to Rihanna’s hair, it casts off a hint of brown that allow it to flatter a range of skin tones. Terms like ‘darkest brown’ and ‘brown-black’ guarantee similar results.

Dusty rose

A great way to add warmth, shine, and a little bit of fun to your already super blonde hair is to add a little bit of deep pink into the mix this fall. Eve’s hair is a great example of how a little dusty rose colour can complement your skin tone and make your blonde hue more interesting. To apply this magical colour to your hair, Friedman suggests mixing a pink tint with your conditioner or apply the readymade pastel cream tone onto your hair to achieve similar results.

BEAUTY STATION!Hair colours for Autumn/Winter 2017