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June 4, 2017

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Flash Your Style

Ramzan is upon us which means that Eid-ul-Fitr is right around the corner as well and the Eid shopping mania is about to reach new levels of hysterical. Women are usually well informed when it comes to following the latest trends and styles but we feel that maybe the guys could use some tips. Instep rounds up fashionable men who’re rocking the shalwar like it’s nobody’s business!

Imran Khan

You may agree or disagree with Imran Khan’s politics but the one thing you can’t disagree with is that the man has impeccable style. He looks effortlessly cool no matter what he wears but it’s his love for traditional attire that has caught our attention. The PTI leader also strengthens our belief that men look best when wearing a classic white shalwar kameez.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi has created a rather distinct signature look for himself: the black shalwar kameez. He’s been spotted in variations of the same black outfit so many times that he even spoke about it at the Lux Style Awards when he won the award for Best Dressed Male. Hamza turns to two people for his wardrobe: his trusted darzi in Islamabad and Amir Adnan, who shares a love for tradition with him.

Shah Rukh Khan

If there’s anyone who knows how to look hot in the traditional attire for men, it has to be Shah Rukh Khan and thanks to Raees, SRK has officially won the title for being the best shalwar-wearer of all time! His look for the entire film consisted of heavily draped layered shalwars with matching tunics and who can forget his iconic black shalwar kameez look for the film’s poster?

Hasnain Lehri

Hasnain Lehri is the coolest cucumber we know and he can literally make anything look good, especially the iconic shalwar. While everyone else looks traditional in shalwars, Lehri manages to make it look modern and high fashion. Seen here in an Eid shoot for designer Ismail Farid, Lehri is looking spectacular.

Flash Your Style