Beauty Station! The summer skin care edition

June 4, 2017

Here’s your Instep guide to glowing skin

Beauty Station! The summer skin care edition

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As summer rolls by, our wardrobes transition into lighter materials and colours. Similarly, our skin care routines should also go through a few adjustments to become more weather appropriate. Like it or not, the weather and environment has a great effect on our skin – in the winter your intense moisturizing may have worked but it probably won’t protect you against the blistering heat of summer. The heat unfortunately comes with a load of unwanted guests – clogged pores and acne for an (unwelcomed) party on your face. Here are some quick guidelines on how to transition your routine and make it more summer-ready.

Exfoliate your body

This is perhaps the key to basic summer skin care. Our body sheds skin cells every day and if we don’t get rid of them they set in our skin and make them look dry. Glowing skin doesn’t come from only moisturizing – exfoliation is step one. Take a body scrub and rub it all over your body and use a separate one for your face and neck. Do this 2-3 times a week and you will notice a difference. Touchable, smooth skin is necessary during the summer months.

Hydrate yourself

When they say beauty comes from within, it’s because the key to glowing skin is water. They say eight glasses a day is the ideal amount of water to consume and the best way to do so is to carry a water bottle with you and remember to drink at least once every 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s warm within an hour; take note of how the Chinese do not drink cold water (and how universally amazing their skin in). Water not only helps you feel fresh, but it also washes out a lot of toxins.

Sunscreen is your best friend

Start by throwing away last year’s unused sunscreen for a new one because they aren’t meant to last forever, and most people don’t use as much as they should. One should use a teaspoon for the face and a shot glass full for the whole body and keep reapplying it throughout the day. Also shield yourself with sunglasses and hats whenever possible. Probably one of the most over-looked skin areas to protect is our lips. Choose lip balms with an SPF of 15 or higher and apply at least every two hours and if you’re wearing a lipstick, the rule is darker shades provide greater UV defense then sheer colors.

Lather lotion

Do away with your thick winter body butters and find lighter lotions that glide on your body. If you don’t have time to wait for your lotion to sink in, look for something light fast absorbing. Gels are our summer favourite and we’re hooked to Snail Gel by various Korean beauty brands. All that scrubbing can make your skin slightly dry so don’t leave your house without moisturizing!

Don’t forget your feet

It’s sandal season which means that the feet are on display. Keep your feet pedicured and your toes painted because nothing is worse than seeing dull, dry feet inside cute sandals. Toe nails can be painted a much bolder colour than you would usually put on your fingernails so pick out a bright one that screams summer. Just remember to apply a clear base coat, two applications of colour and a clear top coat to protect.

Heal and repair

Try all our suggestions but even after, if you get sunburnt there are a few steps you can follow to alleviate discomfort. Take a cold bath or apply cold, plain yogurt topically, rinsing off after it dries. Aloe vera products can also soothe inflamed skin, along with a damp and cool cloth. See a doctor if there is blistering or it gets more severe because untreated, severe sun damage can be irreversible.

Beauty Station! The summer skin care edition