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May 28, 2017

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Flash Your Style

It’s never a dull week for our celebrities. Whether they’re performing shows all over the country or busy making public appearances at events, our celebs are always on the go. Instep rounds up the hot and happening activities of the week.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy speaks for acid burn victims

The two-time Oscar winning director does not shy away from speaking for the rights of marginalized groups in our society and often that includes women who have to fight against domestic violence, rape and acid-attacks on a regular basis. Both Oscar winning documentaries made by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy have been around the same subject. Her first Oscar winning documentary, Saving Face, explored the plight of acid burn victims with the help of Dr. Mohammed Jawad.

Now, Dr. Jawad has launched the R5 Foundation that aims to help the elderly with age-related problems like joint issues, as well as acid burn victims, by restoring and repairing their skin and help them integrate back in society. Obaid was present at the launch ceremony of the organization, reminding people the horror of being an acid-attack survivor.

Also present at the event were Frieha Altaf and Ayesha Omar.

Noori performs all over the country

We just saw Ali Noor taking the stage alongside the likes of Bilal Khan, Shiraz Uppal, Uzair Jaswal and Goher Mumtaz at the Levi’s Live sessions that took place in Lahore the week before last. In fact, we tend to see a lot of the Noori brothers at various events but don’t get us wrong, we’re hardly complaining! Noori is one of the few bands who were at their peak when the music industry was at an all-time high and they continue to maintain their hold on people till today.

With hits like ‘Manwa Re’ and countless Coke Studio renditions of folk songs, Noori’s concerts are always a treat to the ears, and the eyes, and their latest performance at the launch of a new smartphone, Redmi 4X by Xiaomi was no different. Sporting his new cropped hair, Ali Noor rocked out the stage along with his brother, Ali Hamza and made it a memorable evening.

The evening, hosted by Taimoor Salahuddin, popularly known as Mooroo, saw many other celebrities. The Nescafe Basement Band took the stage to perform while Mira Sethi was also seen in the audience.

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