Beauty Station! Gold and the glitterati

October 2, 2016

How to use glitter without making a mess… of yourself

Beauty Station! Gold and the glitterati

Everyone’s favourite sparkly thing is now a hot beauty trend this year, thanks to the many variations that we saw at NYFW. Glitter is being used as make-up and can be accommodated into anything; you can wear glitter on your eyes or your lips. Of course, it has to be done tastefully, as there’s a fine line between looking glorious or tacky, depending on the amount and type of glitter being used. This trend has thankfully reached Pakistan as well. We saw Meesha Shafi sporting a glittered look for one of her performances on Coke Studio this season, and Nabila also chose to use glitter lips for the Magnum Party this year. Instep narrows it down to some of our favourite glitter trends.

Sparkly lips

This is our favourite glitter trend, probably because lips are the most prominent feature on the face if done in a bold colour or trend. The glitter lip came to the forefront thanks to DKNY’s runway show at NYFW this September, where make-up artist Pat Mcgrath created one of the most memorable looks of the entire show. This drastic look can be achieved by using a bold lip colour, like blood red or tangerine, with gold glitter pressed on top. Of course, if you want to make things more dramatic, you can even press crystals on to your lip (though this will not allow you to eat or drink unless you want to swallow glitter and crystals).

Glittering eyes

Naturally, there is more variation when it comes to eye make-up. You can use different colours, quantities, techniques and some of our favourite designers have given us a lot of ideas as to how we can use glitter on the eyes. Tommy Hilfiger used a light dusting of gold glitter while Victoria Beckham used bold shades of cobalt with a shimmer on the lids. However, our favourite glitter eyes have to be the glitter cat eye, done by Creatures of the Wind. This edgily textured look was achieved by using thick black eyeliner, using gold glitter that started from the inner corners of the eye and extended all the way up to the brows.

Glittered cuticles

For those of us who miss our manicure appointments or have overgrown cuticles we simply forget to remove, here’s a way to make them look fashionable. Glittered cuticles made their way into our lives through Rodarte’s Spring 2017 show, where the models had the edges of their nails covered in Gold glitter. According to the manicurist, Tracylee, "It creates a kind of jewelry effect on the nails." The effect can be achieved by applying a clear gloss, or a nude shade on the nails, and using a small detail brush to trace a thin line of glitter on the skin around each nail. The good part about glitter is that it doesn’t come off that easily, so this glittery manicure will last you a few days.

Glitter up those cheekbones

Burberry decided to take things further in their Fall 2016 show, when glitter became a face accessory, not just restricted to the eyes or lips. Make-up artist Wendy Rowe created this look by haphazardly dusting glitter on the outer corner of the eyes and the cheekbones. If you’re not in the mood for a very fine shimmery glitter then you can use oversized glitter to add some more drama to your look. Cheekbones are usually a neglected part of the face but now you have a reason to jazz them up without being restricted to the use of a highlighter.



Beauty Station! Gold and the glitterati