Beauty Station! The Lumineers

July 3, 2016

Meet the new-age highlighters that are low on sparkle and high on a light-from-within glow

Beauty Station! The Lumineers

Contouring may be your go-to makeup technique when your face requires definition or needs sculpting but everyone knows that highlights are what pull your whole makeup look together. You can sculpt without contouring (strobing) but you can’t define facial features without a highlighter.  With incredible light reflecting properties, highlighters can hide a multitude of sins, including fatigued skin and eyes, as well creating the illusion of luminous, hydrated skin. But if you’re still sticking to a formula that’s more glitter than glow, girl you’ve got to upgrade. Meet the trio; atomic new additions to our highlighter family that we’re certain you’d like to adopt yourself by the time we’re done here.


Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer

A sister company of skincare brand Bare Minerals, Buxom offers products that are mentholated and plumping. Lip glosses that tingle when you apply, plumping your lips lusciously, mascaras that sting when they touch your lash line only to give a push up effect and highlighters that cool your skin; Buxom is a brand that focuses on maximizing what you already have. This particular highlighter is a face and body cream luminizer with a unique, refreshing sensation. Sheer and lightweight, it bathes your skin in incandescent glow that looks like you’re perpetually holding a lightbulb to your face.

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighters

If you don’t know who Pat Mcgrath is we suggest you do a quick Wikipedia search and update yourself. Often touted as the most influential makeup artist of this generation, McGrath is world renowned for her skill with makeup brushes and her ability to innovate year after year. After all, you know that the Queen doesn’t just hand over an MBE to anyone. Mcgrath launched her product line recently, starting with limited edition eye shadows and moving to a collection of highlighters that sold out before we could even ask for them at Sephora. Available in two shades, gold and nude, the highlighting kit contains a multi-tasking pressed pigment, a double sided stick and a blending brush sourced from Japan. Priced at about Rs. 7500, it’s definitely going to be one of the most expensive makeup items you invest in, but the sinfully sublime skin you get makes the price worth it.


Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer

Eponymous beauty label Josei Maran is known for its mineral rich argan products. One of the first commercial brands to cash in on the "makeup that’s good for your skin" trend, Maran created an entire range of makeup that uses the miraculously beneficial oil, including a collection of highlighters in liquid, powder and crème form. Our favourite is the Argan Illuminizer in liquid. A champagne hued, hydrating formula that mimics the natural glow of healthy skin, this highlighter is so concentrated that a little goes a very long way. Dab a little where the light naturally catches your face, particularly on your cupid’s bow and on your cheek bones for razor sharp.



Beauty Station! The Lumineers