Some questions for Waqar

April 3, 2016

Pakistan’s head coach has been fuming because of a variety of reasons but he, too, is answerable following Pakistan’s early exit from the World T20 championship

Some questions for Waqar

Pakistan’s head coach Waqar Younis has submitted a detailed report about his team’s poor performance in the World Twenty20 and the preceding Asia Cup. The contents of the report give rise to some questions. Here we have a look at what he is complaining about and then ask some questions.

"There are some people in the Board who don’t want to see Pakistan cricket progress," he said in the report. "There is more politics in cricket than in Parliament. This filth has to be cleaned from the sport," he added.

Questions: Did Waqar come to know of the politics in Pakistan cricket during the World T20 in India? Didn’t he know about it before?

"I had requested the chairman to keep my report secret," the head coach said. "There is no effort to make things right in the board. I am here but board authorities are not ready to meet me and I don’t know who leaked my report."

Question: Why is he so angry about it? What harm did the leak cause to Pakistan cricket? Is it the real issue right now?

In his report Waqar lambasted the leadership style of Shahid Afridi, which he said left the players confused.

Question: Pakistan have played a number of tournaments and series with this duo of coach and captain. This was not the first time he was the head coach and Afridi was the captain. Didn’t he know before the World T20 that Afridi was a bad leader?

"I had made a lot of recommendations after the 2015 World Cup, including sending some boys back to first-class cricket for at least a season so they can regain their hunger for the game and rethink their approach and attitude to play for Pakistan but no recommendation was implemented," he said.

Question: If his recommendations made after 2015 World Cup were ignored, he should have resigned. Why did he go with the team for Asia Cup and the World T20?

"I can assure you that sacrificing one Umar Akmal will allow us to develop other players who can truly and proudly wear the star on their chest and represent Pakistan," he said.

The question has to be repeated: If Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shahzad were included in the team despite his recommendations to the contrary, why didn’t he leave then? Why is he saying these things now?

Waqar said having Moin Khan with the team during the 2015 World Cup had undermined his role as the head coach. "During 2015 World Cup and on the previous tour as well, Moin Khan used to take specific boys out till late night and also take them places to get free gifts which at times, undermined my authority," he said.

Question: All of this may be true, but why talk about Moin now, 12 or so months later? He should talk about the World T20 right now where Intikhab Alam was the manager.

We hope Waqar has answers to these questions.

Some questions for Waqar