OYE! Jimmy Khan

January 24, 2016

With a guitar in his hand and an ability to make simple songs sound extraordinary, he is an artist who surprises you every time. Here, he talks about love, fame and more…

OYE! Jimmy Khan

His vitals

Birth name: Hassan Jamil Khan

Age: 28

Birthplace: Lahore

Big Break: Big Ears


On love: the only reason to live

On fame: Enjoyable only if you don’t start taking yourself too seriously.

High maintenance: Have you seen my mustache?! It’s a work of art! Thank you!

Favourite scent:  Raat ki rani!

Crazy Fact #1: My song ‘Baarish’ is about a cat.

Crazy Fact #2: Left ear is bigger than the right one. So I have one Big Ear!

Essentials: Guitar, tea, Pumas

OYE! Jimmy Khan