It’s more than a haircut

October 25, 2015

Instep spoke to three of the most stylish local musicians about how they take care of their signature hairstyle.

It’s more than a haircut

Gone are the days when beauty and styling were a ‘woman’s’ headache. With metrosexuality catching on as a trend, men are becoming equally conscious about their looks. When it comes to hair styling, men are not only making fashion statements with unique hairstyles (read: Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Leonardo Di Caprio) but are also investing both time and money in maintaining their hair and keeping it healthy. This week, Instep spoke to three of the most stylish local musicians about how they take care of their signature hairstyle. Read on to find out…

Umair Jaswal

The Jaswal brothers are known to be a stylish trio but Umair remains the sexiest of them all. Amidst those bulging biceps and bushy beard, it is the slicked-back, edgy quiff that has us weak in the knees. Umair gives us insight on what makes it such a show-stealer. "Recently I’ve shaved my hair so I plan to incorporate proper hair massage, oiling, conditioning and aloe vera treatment once my hair grows back. I don’t apply shampoo on a daily basis as it robs away all the natural moisture and damages the scalp," he said.

"I believe, whenever you are styling your hair, you should opt for good products and top hairstylists. Label.m and L’Oreal are both quality brands. Though the products are expensive, they are worth the hassle. It is also very important to keep your hair clean. When you style your hair for any occasion, make sure you don’t go to bed without washing it when you are back," he added.

For keeping them healthy, Umair swears by old-fashioned herbal remedies. "I think desitotkas are the best in this regard; I apply an egg-and-yoghurt mask once a week. I also take a lot of supplements - fish oil, zinc and biotin - which are very good for the hair," he concluded.

Ali Noor

Musician Ali Noor and his untamed mane don’t need much of an introduction. His thick and long messy locks are just as fascinating as his vocal prowess and have remained his signature since time immemorial. Surprisingly enough, Ali admits that he hardly makes an effort to look after them.

"I absolutely do nothing about it. I am the most careless person ever in this regard; I don’t even know which shampoo I use. I just apply olive oil to my hair once in a while and that’s about it," he told Instep. Guess the best way to carry a messy hairstyle is to let them remain a mess.

Zohaib Kazi

Fans rarely get to see music producer Zohaib Qazi’s hairstyle, as he prefers to keep it under wraps in his trademark beanie. But we know that underneath all that knit-work, is a unique hairstyle screaming ‘classic yet edgy’. His secret to good hair lies in his diet.

"I don’t really do anything for my hair consciously; however, fruits, which are good for hair, dominate my everyday diet. Also, I consume a lot of eggs which means proteins that help nourish the hair," he said. "Besides that, I oil my hair thrice a week and apply an egg-and-yogurt mask once or twice a month. I make sure I don’t leave my hair dirty and wash them regularly. I am not a health freak but I try to make healthy choices as much as possible."

It’s more than a haircut