The Debonair Man’s Guide to Good Skin

April 19, 2015

You may think it’s a man’s world - and it usually is - until it comes to skincare and you realize the options are as limited as the hair on a bald man’s head.

The Debonair Man’s Guide to Good Skin

You may think it’s a man’s world - and it usually is - until it comes to skincare and you realize the options are as limited as the hair on a bald man’s head. Until quite recently, man’s best friend in the bathroom remained the shaving cream and nothing else. Fortunately, times have changed and men have started to look beyond foam and froth; they’re actually worrying about their skin.  So those of you still committed to a bar of soap are encouraged to take the plunge and delve into the wonderful world of skincare products that are designed to cleanse and exfoliate and overall, help you help yourself. Here are five products that you can thank us for later!

 ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ Facemask by Lush Cosmetics


Most men live with some unwanted ‘gifts’ from the bygone teenage years in the form of acne, spots and scars. For such skin types, the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ mask does absolute wonders. Thanks to the use of fresh blueberries and chamomile, the skin soothes and as a result leaves a less irritated, clean looking face.

The Verdict:

Lush Cosmetics generally use fresh ingredients so the products tend to expire within two to three weeks of purchase. However, if an instantly fresh and clear looking skin is what you desire, buy it without thinking twice.


Witch Hazel and Tea Tree

Oil products by Boots

Antibacterial agents in tea-tree oil unclog pores while the witch hazel calms the skin. The recently launched Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil face wash and night-treatment gel by Boots thus help curb the negative effects  of dust, pollution, and the ever-glaring sun on the skin throughout the day.

The Verdict:

The natural healing properties of the ingredients in these specific products are quite strong. For many with sensitive skin the tea-tree oil may dry the skin a bit, however, for the normal or oily skin types the product is like a dream-come-true. The instant feeling or calm post-use is worth it.


L’Homme and L’Homme Libre Aftershave Balm by YSL

In the world of shaving, there are some generic names that one keeps hearing and then there’s YSL. This high-end product by one of France’s leading fashion-houses is an experience of its own. From its enduring subtle scent to its exquisite moisturizing capabilities, this product is the ultimate answer to all after-shaving irritations.

The Verdict:

Although pricier than the average aftershave, its scent and skin soothing capabilities tempt one to splurge a little. After all, who can put a price to feeling good?

For Men Maca Root Face 

Protector by The Body Shop

Are you wondering, ‘what in the world is a face protector?’ The answer lies in the name. A face protector works as a leave-on mask that protects from the harsh rays of the sun, while continuously hydrating the skin throughout the long and weary day. The Maca Root extract used in this product helps maintain energized looking skin. Just think of it as a sunscreen going through an evolution.

The Verdict:

For all those men who do not really have the time to maintain a good skin regimen, this product is a one-stop solution. Just use it as a sunscreen, and it will continue working on your skin the whole day. Do not use in excess however, unless you like being sticky to the touch!

Men Expert Pure and Matte

by L’Oreal Paris

This deep exfoliating wash is everything that one needs in the morning. The gentle cleansing beads in the product are just perfect for a deep and thorough cleaning that every man needs before shaving. Leaving the skin soft and soothed, it is the perfect pick-me-up. Just think of it as coffee for your face, you need it even when you think you don’t.

The Verdict:

Suitable for any skin type, this face wash is perfect for anyone looking for a mid-range, moderately priced complete solution for bad skin.

The Debonair Man’s Guide to Good Skin