March 15, 2015

Instep rounds up the skincare, fitness and diet routines of three celebs


Do you sigh in wonder every time you flip through a glossy, at the sight of the flawless celebs and models who grace the pages within? Does the wonder translate into dejection when you realize you will never be able to achieve that level of perfection? While it’s true that you may never look as flawless as the beautiful women featured in magazines (they have photoshop to thank, after all), you definitely can learn a thing or two from these women, for whom looking good is part of their job description. Instep rounds up the skincare, fitness and diet routines of three celebs who respectively personify the best in these beauty areas.

Miranda Kerr on skincare

Who better to teach us about flawless skin than the porcelain-faced Victoria’s Secret Angel? Model Miranda Kerr is not only the face of various international campaigns, she is also a qualified holistic health practitioner and owner of the cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty brand KORA Organics. Miranda starts her day with a glass of warm water into which she squeezes the juice of half a lemon. This not only kick-starts the digestion process but also boosts the immune system.

Her morning beauty routine includes a few minutes of dry brushing all over the body, starting at the feet and working all the way up to the neck, to remove dead skin cells and maintain baby-smooth skin. The model is also a fan of home-made masks to nourish her skin. Her favourites are a papaya mask, avocado and olive oil mask and a coconut cream mask.

Miranda also has a liking for rose-hip seed oil, which she applies to her face every night. The oil, which you can find at organic stores here in Pakistan, is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids which help reduce dark spots and hydrate dry skin. It’s non-greasy and light and hence makes a great moisturizer for all skin types.

Jennifer Lopez on fitness

She’s just four years shy of turning 50, but the singer with the stunning hour-glass figure can give any 20-year-old a run for their money when it comes to looking svelte and sexy. Jennifer has confessed that she’s not a fan of the gym but since cardio is the best way to burn excessive calories, she’s one for intense dance routines to get into shape. Biking, running and boxing are other exercises she likes to add to her day.

Most importantly, Jennifer believes that looking good is about having a healthy body image and being comfortable in your skin. "Losing weight beyond a particular limit is a waste of energy. In fact, toning the body is a better option that makes you feel and look good."

Gwyneth Paltrow on diet


If hitting the floor for a workout is just not something you see yourself doing, you can turn to another Hollywood diva for inspiration. Gwyneth Paltrow may be getting increasingly kooky with her health and diet plans but without going as extreme as the actress, one can still take inspiration from her. After all, her glowing skin and toned figure at 40 prove she’s doing something right.

That includes a diet that is gluten-free and low-carb for the entire family. The actress herself is vegetarian but recommends a meal plan along the following lines: A spinach and egg white omelette, made with a dash of olive oil, for breakfast, followed by a tuna salad lunch, with raw organic honey as a dressing, and a protein-heavy dinner such as grilled fish.

Gwyneth swears by the detoxifying properties of coconut water, which she sips throughout the day, as well as green juices (made from a combination of green vegetables blended together).