Style mistakes to avoid on New Year’s Eve

December 28, 2014

Cardinal sins that can kill the trendiest of looks

Style mistakes to avoid on New Year’s Eve

Style mistakes to avoid on New Year’s Eve

You’ve got your invitation card and your wardrobe is sorted; as you go about putting the final touches to your outfit for that New Year’s Eve do, don’t commit any of these cardinal sins that can kill the trendiest of looks.

Don’t wear black

We know black is a flattering colour for almost everyone, but an army of party-goers clad in a uniform of blue jeans, black sweaters and black jackets is hardly inspiring. And unfortunately, that’s the standard at most desi parties. This New Year’s Eve, take a plunge and add a splash of colour to your wardrobe. Not only does it look festive, the right colour can be just as dramatic as black. Designer Maheen Kardar’s divine berry-coloured winter coat makes her stand out from a mile.

Don’t dress as if you’re in Ibiza

There’s a time and a place for everything, and a freezing December night is not the time to take out your skimpy halter necks and strappy stilettos. With designers this season giving us a variety of options when it comes to trendy outwear, such as this gorgeous Sanam Chaudhri cape, there really is no excuse for putting yourself at the mercy of the elements and not covering up smartly.

Don’t sport raccoon eyes

A night of partying isn’t kind to your make-up so it’s wise to go prepared if you’re planning to stay out for more than a couple of hours. There’s nothing sloppier than the ‘raccoon eyes’ look that can destroy the prettiest of faces. Set you eye make-up properly using pressed powder before and after applying it and carry a small pack of wet wipes in your bag to clean up any streaky eye make-up through the night. Or take a leaf out of the ever-stylish Mahira Khan’s book by keeping your eyes bare and letting a bright pout be the center of attention.

Don’t get mistaken for a Christmas tree

Sure we love our bling but there’s no need to deck up like a Christmas tree just because you’re going out to party. Remember Coco Chanel’s wise words when accessorizing: take off the last thing you put on. A chunky cocktail ring or a statement necklace should be enough to see you through any formal event, save the ‘sets’ for the shaadis. Avoid tacky baubles such as what Natty is wearing, at all cost.