November 23, 2014

Aguilar is a French-Mexican fashion and beauty expert with a background as writer in international titles such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, In Touch Magazine and National Geographic Traveler




It’s virtually impossible to escape from every single chemical throughout your life, but you can make minor changes to limit the amount of toxins and chemicals that you put on your skin by avoiding the most harmful cosmetics or treatments.

If you think skincare and cosmetics that are applied to the skin do not get into your body in large amounts, think again! You are swallowing your lipstick, breathing your hairspray and the powders that you put on your face. So let’s identify the 7 ingredients that you want to be sure to avoid.


X-Tenso by L’Oréal Professional is a formaldehyde-free treatment that creates a straightener-smooth, natural looking finish.


Does the Brazilian Blowout sound familiar to you? It changes the chemistry of hair, allowing it to stay straight for three to four months. Salon hair-straightening processes require heat to be applied to the hair along with the straightening solution; this action transforms formaldehyde into gas. And formaldehyde gas is a dangerous pollutant that can be severely irritating to the eyes, nose and throat. There is a considerable risk of cancer for hairdressers who are constantly exposed to it. Do not play with fire, and do not put others at risk. Ask for a treatment that is 100 percent safe and free from this malicious chemical.


Use a rich but safe eyeliner like the ultra-pigmented liner Kôhl Me Kajal by Guerlain which leaves a deep, long-lasting impression.

A mother who is lovingly showing her little princess how to make up her eyes with a wand that she dips in a genie-shaped bottle is a pretty scene. But sadly, many popular brands of traditional kohl, kajal and surma that give this sultry look contain dangerous concentrations of lead. Even a low level of exposure to this metal is toxic for the body. Lead poisoning symptoms are headaches, irritability, abdominal pain, general weakness and lack of concentration. In the long term it also increases the risk of miscarriages, stillbirths and premature deliveries. Many countries with a high inflow of South Asian immigrants, like Canada, have issued a public advisory warning consumers about the potential exposure through traditional kohl.


A good alternative is DDF Intensive Holistic Lightener, which is a powerful blend of holistic lighteners for effective fading of discoloration.


Hydroquinone is an agent typically used for hyperpigmentation disorders. Because of the dangers associated with the substance, several countries have banned hydroquinone on the basis of studies that suggest it may cause cancer, ochronosis (a blue-black skin discoloration), photosensitivity and allergies. The skin is pigmented for a very good reason so any attempt to interfere with nature should be done cautiously and knowledgeably. A general rule for whitening products should be that if a product looks too good, it probably contains hydroquinone.


Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula is an excellent body moisturizer with a soothing fragrance-free base.


We are all attracted to a pleasant fragrance but we don’t realize that natural scents like essential oils are extremely expensive and 95 percent of the products have synthetic aromas, derived from petroleum. Chemical fragrances affect the brain and nervous system. The side effects can range from simple headaches and nausea to depression and sleep problems. Another issue is that they alter the skin’s surface tension, allowing more chemicals to be absorbed. Buy more expensive products with natural essences or just look for those which are labelled "fragrance-free".

Your want more details? Visit the webpage of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ( a non-profit coalition working to clean up cosmetics and personal care products from chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm and other adverse health issues.


They have become the new dirty word in the business of beauty. Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in skin care and cosmetics. The reason is that they are effective and economical, so many brands include them. However they are a very common cause of allergic reactions. There are mixed views about their use but the disturbing part is that some studies show that these agents mimic estrogen in the body and "estrogen disruption" has been clearly linked to breast cancer (parabens were found in breast cancer tissue) and reproductive issues.


Your bleaching ointment is wonderful but now your skin appears thin, scratchy and you have the feeling that hair is growing and thickening on the upper part of cheeks, lip, and chin. Corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones often prescribed in small doses by dermatologists to treat severe syndromes. One of the side effects of corticosteroid formulations is lightening of the skin. That´s why some unscrupulous estheticians or local shopkeepers probably sold you this illegal mixture for bleaching purposes. Its prolonged use may cause some endocrine alterations, an undesirable amount of

substances in the blood that causes the vessels to widen.


These industrial compounds are literally everywhere! They act directly on the hypothalamus and accumulate in the fatty tissues of the brain and glands. It is also believed that they increase the size of fat cells, decrease the amount of calories you burn and change your sense of hunger. Did you know that 70 percent of shampoos, can cause fattening over a period of time? Why then do authorities not ban them? Well, scientific studies are relatively new and there are many interests involved so it may take several years before the WHO (World Health Organization) and agencies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warn against their usage.

"I figure if I’m going to put something on my lips, it should be paraben-free and organic," Michelle Monaghan says.
"I’m much more aware of using clean products, you know, paraben-free, to make sure that everything I have around my child is ok," says Natalie Portman about her approach to beauty.
"It’s unnecessary to sacrifice your health for what you’re putting on your body," states Olivia Wilde.