November 16, 2014

Aguilar is a French-Mexican fashion and beauty expert with a background as writer in international titles such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, In Touch Magazine and National Geographic Traveler.



When I heard that the internationally renowned plastic, reconstructive and burn surgeon Dr. Mohammad Jawad comes regularly to Karachi for cosmetic work, I visited him at his new practice, R5 Healthcare and Aesthetic Clinic. And I have great news! After careers abroad, cosmetic gurus are returning to their land, so we are in the right place at the right time to avail their expertise. I have 12 years of experience in beauty features and visiting beauty clinics around the world and have some plastic surgeons as personal friends. However, this is the first time that I am seriously contemplating going for a procedure myself. Let me share with you why I’m convinced that there are at least seven good reasons to consider this.


Blessed with a third child, a middle-aged wife should be grateful and look after the kids without thinking about herself, right? Wrong! No one talks openly about how hard it is psychologically to deal with the pressure society puts on these women to drop their baby weight and tighten up the body. Wouldn’t women everywhere be happier if children, husbands and even the in-laws reward and help in the process of helping them recover their figures and self-esteem?

I admire those looking for real solutions instead of feeling miserable. People love to judge others for getting cosmetic surgery done but in today’s world, there’s a fine line between altering one’s appearance by wearing makeup, fake nails, coloured contact lenses or using more permanent methods like surgery. If a particular imperfection like wrinkles, sagging skin or fat is effecting or feeding your insecurity, solve the problem now! We all have the right to be happy and if a controlled and secure intervention can provide the feeling of well being, go for it!


I do not like to bargain over health issues but do make your calculations. We all secretly want to pay mega dollars and go directly to those dapper surgeons in Beverly Hills or Miami who have proved their talent in leading TV shows. But the reality is that even if those luminaries were next door and accessible, the price of these surgeries is the main reason why some people are tempted to go to Thailand, India or wherever it is cheaper to achieve their dreams. However, in Pakistan, there is no need to think about "medical tourism". These days, offers are even better here because an outstanding specialist can treat you for a very reasonable cost, in excellent conditions. And if you really want "la crème de la crème" it could even be someone like Dr. Jawad! All of us who have had any kind of surgery (plastic or not) know that going home after a procedure, to lie in your own bed and watch your favourite soap opera with a plate of daal chawal is priceless!


In western countries, doctors are often harried with too many appointments. They rush in and out of the clinic to consult with you, but sadly once the bill is paid, they go "bye, bye"! Not the same for this new generation of successful Pakistani surgeons, who are looking for a long-term relationship with you. Whether you want a simple nose job (rhinoplasty), an eyelid lift or a "mommy makeover", the pre-operative and the post-op care are taken seriously. Beyond the simple cost, you will appreciate the quality time that your doctor will spend with you. A good physician will try to understand what your expectations are by taking pictures and showing you a 3D simulator of what is desirable and achievable. There are issues to discuss before taking joint decisions. What size do you want your breast implants? And what shape?


"We are unique, we have unique values which are not common around the world," claims Dr. Jawad. Therefore, you need to connect with your doctor before saying "yes". A person who can read between the lines and sense your fears will be the most appropriate. The staff knows how to deal with your natural embarrassment (if any) and will automatically offer you a chaperone (nurse) if an intimate area of your body needs examination. And believe me, waking up from anesthesia may bring about disorienting feelings but you will be very pleased when the nurse gently speaks to you in Urdu and immediately brings you some Marie biscuits to dip in a cup of chai. At Dr. Jawad’s clinic everything is pure white, luxurious, elegant and at the same time every effort is made to maintain your privacy at all times, so you can expect 100 percent discretion.


Usually we assume that if something is cheaper then it must be of lower quality, but here the opposite is true. These surgeries will put in your body implants that abide by strict regulations and quality standards. If you go for a liposuction, you will receive a series of pre and post massages with the LPG System, the most advanced Endermologie massages realized with French machinery. But the most important factor is a pair of well trained-hands! A well-qualified surgeon needs to have knowledge, artistic ability and aesthetic sense and the key word, practice! Make sure that the experts who put their hands on you have faced many adverse circumstances, extreme cases and have experience in reconstructive surgeries too.


You want to be prettier, younger and thinner and because it is convenient for you, possibly you will do it here. Then, the result will be an intimate goal that will transform your life. Some people may consider it superficial but in this life, there are invisible connections and in an indirect way you will participate in a virtuous circle. These respected Pakistani surgeons who have won accolades overseas are not coming back to make money here (they probably earn more in Europe or America). Besides lifting your face or reshaping your body, they also do humanitarian work with people who have lost their faces (like victims of acid attacks). What a huge honour it is that the same magician who will improve your appearance in luxurious conditions will be able to serve, with the same devotion, someone who has lived their worst nightmare and desperately needs reconstruction of both flesh and spirit.


If you are looking for a revolutionary non-surgical procedure that allows you to skip going under a scalpel, you can benefit from the same menu offered in Jawad’s clinic in London ( Some of the treatments are done using state-of-the-art technologies and the signature dish of the surgeon is now also available in Karachi. The procedure is called Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and it entails drawing your own blood, centrifuged to obtain a platelet and cell concentrate and then injecting it back into the face. Why? Because those precious cells and platelets have the miraculous ability to adhere to each other for clotting. Under your skin this mixture will glue the broken structures, retract your skin and boost its natural regeneration.