Menswear this Winter

November 2, 2014

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Menswear this Winter

We have more than a brimful of trends and forecasts for what women should wear all day, night, in summer, winter or weddings but here is – for a change – a quick style guide for men. We have it straight from Pakistan’s top menswear designers:

Stocking Accessories: Ismail Farid


According to ace designer Ismail Farid, this fall is all about the pocket scarf, be it in solid colours or prints complementing or contrasting your tie. Jackets and suits will be considered incomplete without the pocket scarf. Coloured belts with matching shoes are also in, the most popular colours being green and blue. Coloured shoes will definitely be brightening up the usual stock of black, brown and tan men’s shoes and men will be indulging in reds and royal blues in casual wear. Knotted scarves are a must-have when the weather gets chilly, whether you’re dressed in a shalwar kameez or suit.

Shake up a Sherwani: Amir Adnan

These days short sherwanis are the way to go, says Amir Adnan, authority on the stately garment. What more, he’s come up with a couple of contemporary variations and the most popular is the one that looks like a jacket. His new sherwanis are shorter in length, some mid-length and some above the knees, to be worn over trousers or a shalwar kameez. They are modified versions of the classic, offering modern styles that are an alternative to Western looks. To keep a classic ethos intact, these hybrid sherwanis are made with traditional fabric and a motif on the pockets.

Leather Weather: Deepak Perwani


According to Deepak Perwani, dandyism and retro-chic are two things that’ll be very in this season. Black remains the primary colour for the season and popular fabrics include suede and leather. Yes! Leather jackets are in style yet again. Skinny cut outfits and skinny trousers are also in style in traditional wear as well. When it comes to accessories, men’s brooches are coming back in style, along with the essential winter shawls that offer men that little bit of stately warmth with oodles of style!

Button-Up: Ahmad Bham

"Two buttons have always been my favourite,” says Ahmed Bham, regarding what’s in style for suits this falls. “Shades of blue are very in at this time, they give a very royal look.” He also suggests that three-piece suits are more wearable in the winter season. Suits that have ticket pockets are also very fashionable this season, along with lapels that have a wider peak.


Shoe-shine: Omer Farooq of Republic


Shoes play a huge role in making or breaking your look and Omer Farooq of Republic offers us advice on what to wear this fall. If you love the loafer-look, make sure you get the tasseled loafers that come in various, different coloured rubber soles. Winters cannot go by without wearing boots, so go for the round toe boots with laces. Wing-tip shoes are back in fashion this season along with round-tip brogues that have rubber soles.

Menswear this Winter