What October winds take away…

October 26, 2014

For the majority, winter is no cause for celebration

What October winds take away…

Lahore, despite its changing seasons and weather, remains the same all year round. In our continuously changing lives, the city provides a constant in our lives, allowing some sense of stability. Be it 40 degrees or 10, Lahoris will continue to enjoy their lives to the fullest. With the rise in entertainment options, ranging from theatre to playlands for younger children, one finds the already crowded streets of Lahore even more of a hurdle than usual.

These October gusts of wind take away the remnants of summer along with any residual heat. While everyone prepares for the winter, those less fortunate than us begin to wonder whether they will even survive the cold.

Despite the winter in Lahore being rather mild compared to those extreme harsh regions where the snowfall never seems to stop, the temperatures still fall quite low. With all the money being spent on playlands, cinemas, and gaming zones, it baffles me why no one has thought of those out in the streets -- the homeless -- and, perhaps, opened a shelter or two.

We spend extreme amounts of money on buying expensive winter clothing whereas there are people in this city that cannot afford to have two separate wardrobes for the seasons. In a country like Pakistan, where some of the brightest minds continue to grow and prosper, it is mind boggling that no one has realised the need to deal with the rampant poverty spread across our country.

Moreover, so many resources have been bled out and depleted to fund the continued protests all over Lahore in favour of the ongoing events in Islamabad.

While this money continues to be drained out, more and more people lose their lives because of a lack of health, food and shelter facilities for the poor. While we may look forward towards the winter, many people see it as sign of death and despair.

Without any proper organisations to cater to the needs of the homeless, things will only get worse for them. Lahore may be seen as the city that never sleeps, however for the majority, winter is not a cause for celebration. While they prepare to provide clothing for their families and a place to sleep, many of us begin to host bonfires and barbeques to provide an occasion for all of us to gather out in the cold and mingle.

Hopefully, this trend will discontinue soon, and the people of Lahore will work to provide a better life for those who do not see Lahore in as glamorous a light as most of us do.

As the trees shed their leaves, and we begin to bring out the dust-coated heaters to provide warmth, we must remember the tribulations of the less fortunate. Emphasis has never placed upon social welfare in our society, and perhaps that needs to change.

What October winds take away…