October 19, 2014

Aguilar is a French-Mexican fashion and beauty expert with a background as writer in international titles such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, In Touch Magazine and National Geographic Traveler.




Have you nothing new to wear? Don’t fret because today I’m going to tell you how to conquer the world not with your wardrobe choices but with your lip colour. Matte, glossy, with or without lip liner – believe it or not, there are 1001 ways to make up the lips but there is always one that goes with your features, skin tone or outfit. Read on to learn everything you need to know in order to outline a trendy smile.


• MAC Prep + Prime Lip is a colour-free base to wear under lipstick that improves the result

• Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is a semi-transparent bar deliciously fresh and soft and delivers an unforgettable reflective sensation.

If you do not like heavy make-up, this one is for you. These bars are light-coloured instead of glossy and contain pearls that project frosty light for a multidimensional effect. They provide a super glam, young and non-pasty look. To be avoided if your skin has imperfections because they pronounce them.

TRICK: The only way to make your lips look exactly the same shade as the bar is to use a prime lip.




• Colour Riche by L´Oréal Paris is enriched with a combination of omega-3 and vitamin E in order to moisturize your lips.


Red lipstick makes the mouth the centre of attraction, but I must say that this red matte colour naturally favours those with light skin. If you have a tan, opt for the matte version and add a translucent gloss for a finishing effect. Just keep in mind that this requires a symmetric lip contouring to look sexy. If you have a red pimple forget it as it will not even be noticed!

TRICK: Apply your lipstick starting from the middle half of your lips and go outwards.



• Rimmel London Lasting Finish has smooth creamy texture for comfortable wear up to eight hours.


Whatever the season, there are days when you require a tone that invites joy, and in this case the coral emerges from the depths of the sea to spice up drained and colourless skin from the lack of sun and glow. If you can choose, opt for the ranges with a pink background rather than those with an orange base.

TRICK: It is advisable to apply several light coats of lipstick at intervals rather than one thick layer.



As it contains hyaluronix complex, ArtDeco Mineral Pure Moisture Lipstick improves


elasticity of the skin

Nude lips are hot no matter how you wear them but we will divide them in two families depending on your skin tone: those that disappear from the face with an identical skin tone (for very fair women) and the ones that cover the mouth with a warm caramel tone for a candy look (recommended for toasty skins).

TRICK: If you cannot find an ad-hoc colour, you can use your foundation and add a transparent lip-gloss.



Just Bitten by Revlon is a kiss-proof colour with soft shine in a marker presentation for more precision.


Who has had inked lips eating a lollipop? Well, men love that bitten effect! To make lips look succulent, no matter what

your skin type, bars are useless and you will need a lip marker to achieve the desired effect.

TRICK: Apply dots on your lips and blend immediately because they dry quickly and set the colour for the day



Diana Surprise Lipstick by Diana of London has a soft creamy texture which keeps the lips soft and supple


Wine tones really suit Pakistani women and that’s why they love it. However, you must avoid this shade if you have wrinkles around the lips as they will be highlighted by the tone. If you go for this look, do not add

more colour to your face and only apply transparent mascara.

TRICK: If matte, the lipstick remains fresh after a kiss but you can add extra shine with gloss later.



Colour Studio

The Pure Matte Lipstick for a full matte coverage enriched with ingredients designed for comfortable long-wearing.


It goes from the mildest to the stormiest range but in all cases, it creates a lasting impact. This colour needs precision so fill the lips with a brush. If you make any mistake, take a little eye concealer and erase it. You can also combine it with a rosy shade for a sweet look or for more intensity you can completely outline the lips with black eyeliner and apply your lipstick over it.

TRICK: This colour is not suitable with outfits in hot tones like orange, pink or yellow.



Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois


is enriched with evanescent oils for a second-skin feel, without drying the lips.

Are you looking for some extra volume? Start drawing over your natural lip line with a deeper coloured lip pencil and blend inward. Use a medium toned lipstick on the entire lip. Now apply the lightest version of the main shade directly in the centre to create a pout.

TRICK: Try to use formulas from the same brand to avoid too much difference in the quality of the texture.