August 31, 2014

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Sleeping Beauty

Get prettier while you while you catch up on some zzz’s


It’s a duty, and skipping this step can convert the time you spend in bed into a threat to your beauty. Why? Because the slightest trace of makeup on your face clogs pilosebaceous follicles and causes acne. If repeated, the skin also starts to develop intolerance to cosmetic ingredients. In short, you will become allergic to your makeup! For a deep cleaning, choose formulas that emulsify in contact with water. Try Sébium by Bioderma, a non-drying purifying and foaming cleansing gel that really takes care of your face.


No matter what age we are, some of us feel that at night our legs swell and cramp. So if you don’t want to say a permanent goodbye to your heels, it’s time for you to take advantage of the hours of rest to get a cure. Remember that the microcirculation of blood vessels is activated overnight, so get to work and enhance water drainage allowing more efficient removal of toxins with Oriflame Perfect Body Beauty Legs Toning Cream. Start with a gentle massage, let the cream penetrate and lie down with a pillow.


We all have stressful days, and the effect shows on our skin by night. Although you don’t notice it, your poor skin spends the day defending you against external aggression, that’s why, not surprisingly, irritability peaks just as the sun sets. This results in swelling, redness, and other reactive demonstrations. In this case, you need to smooth and revitalize with a formula like

Roc Stress Repair Night Cream that is designed to minimize the problems and erase the appearance of worry.


Have you ever woken up in the morning with sleep marks and lines all over your face? Many of these lines will disappear throughout the day, but over time, repetition can turn these creases into true wrinkles. As these are not caused by skin degeneration or muscle movement but just by compression of delicate facial skin from contact with your pillow, the only way to prevent them is by using a special pillow that reduces facial contact. The most effective is JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow (


For combination skin, susceptible to outbreaks of acne, only cleanliness can prevent future eruptions. For this type of skin, the night is when the real battle begins to sterilize the problem areas, eliminate the bacteria that enter the pores and reduce blemishes. Try Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, an overnight gel that helps clean and remove excess oil from pores.


Many day treatments formulated to restore life to hair rarely have time to be implemented, so the tendency is to harness the incredible night with formulas that leave no residue on the pillow and give better results. Throughout the day, the hair suffers from external factors such as humidity, sun, pollution, and air conditioning. As with skin, hair fiber is more responsive overnight and can recover. Try Dove Intensive Repair Overnight Crème, a revitalizing night treatment for fine hair that provides the perfect combination of vitality and shine.


We all know that when it comes to sleep, it’s not only quantity but also the quality, so book seven to eight hours for this purpose. According to experts, women who don’t rest well suffer from premature aging since a lack of sleep considerably reduces the production of growth hormone, which in adulthood is responsible for the regeneration of cells. Consider too that one night where you wake up numerous times is tragic to your beauty; constantly moving from a state of rest to one of alertness increases the production of adrenaline and cortisol. Spray your sheets with The Body Shop Deep Sleep, a dreamy mist with jojoba and chamomile for a super

relaxing effect.


While the brain, muscles and senses are at rest, a world wakes up. Cell life at night is doing the extraordinary work of recovery and rebuilding of tissues. Cells, including stem cells, released from their duties of defense, reach their highest level of regenerative activity at about three in the morning. Creams such as Crème de Nuit Reparatrice Orlane extend this process and allow your skin to remain smooth.


The less you sleep, the more wrinkled you’ll look and the hungrier you’ll feel. The reason? Lack of sleep raises the levels of the hormone that stimulates appetite while reducing leptin, the hormone that regulates satiety. Instead of making superhuman efforts, concentrate on relaxation and share the responsibility of your silhouette with Bliss. Fatgirl Treatment Kit has everything you need to melt the fat, and sleep is one of the key moments of this treatment.


Reconditioning of the skin happens while you rest through a natural exfoliation process to discover a newer, smoother, lighter and brighter you. If your purpose is to promote this process without resorting to chemical peeling (with acid), you can apply the powerful blend of natural enzymes Peel Over-Night Biological Kiehl’s, a formula which also helps reduce the size of the pores and enhances the effects of free radicals in the skin.

Mariah Carey not only sleeps 15 hours before a concert but does it surrounded by 20 humidifiers to moisten the air.
Mariah Carey not only sleeps 15 hours before a concert but does it surrounded by 20 humidifiers to moisten the air.