August 10, 2014


Flag style

On Independence Day, your colour palette is simple: green  and white! If going all out with the national colours doesn’t suit your personal style, you can still use just hints of it to look festive for the occasion.


Carefully chosen clothing colours give a healthy glow to the skin. If you plan to sport an emerald green kurta, complement the look with a fresh and bright glaze eye shadow on your eyes. The rule is that the right colours decrease the amount of makeup that is needed. Apply pearly white eye shadow generously on the tear duct, smudge the colour with a brush over the first half of the eye lid, and then diffuse towards the brow bone. Your eyes will light up instantly! This is an easy trick to achieve hypnotizing eyes with the attention-grabbing use of white, which is doable for both day and  night make-up.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is a radiant eye liner made from a blend of mineral oil and powder that also doubles as an eye shadow.

Bobbi Brown Shadow is densely pigmented and its silky matte powder shadow goes on smoothly and blends easily.


Even the most conservative of us can go crazy for one special day of celebration. Especially when a temporary hair makeover requires no stylist, no complicated instructions, and no great expense! The new hair chalk trend is just that easy to embrace. Apply the chalk to dry hair first, but if you feel that your hair is too dark and the chalk isn’t showing, then dampen the hair before applying. Using a curling or flat iron after chalking can help seal the colour in your hair, if needed.

The advantage is that you can wash out the colour in the shower. How about you wear a white outfit with your green strands and throw on one more green accessory (a ring or a bag) to drive the point home?


L´Oréal Hair Chalk is made from water-based ink and micro-fiber polymers that create an ultra-thin film that adheres to the hair fiber.


Coloured mascara is a fad that goes in and out of style, but today is the perfect day to revive the colored lash trend. If you choose green with a high amount of yellow, you risk looking theatrical, but the ones that are colder are great. They will enhance and highlight your own eye colour and can also provide more expressivity. In Hollywood, a black mascara is normally used to separate the eyelashes while adding volume and depth, but professionals often paint lashes in black and then use a dark green along the tips and finally coat them in black again. This creates some reflections in your lashes and helps to rejuvenate a tired celebrity.


Inglot Colour Play Mascara lets one discover thick and expressive eyelashes while adding a pop of color.


Sometimes, it doesn´t matter if your hands look soft with an amazing manicure if you don’t have the colour required by the occasion. Dare to change your usual tone for an incredible green to freshen your hands and make them look brighter. You can deck your nails with green in full or just adorn the tips of a French manicure. Another great option is to apply one layer of white enamel, apply a green layer over that, and then trace a crescent and star on your fourth nail as decoration.


Essie Shake Your Maker is an electric green nail color that is DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free.


Green eye shades are another strong bet for both day and night looks. The idea is that the color shouldn’t stay flat on the eyelids, but enhance the shape of your eye with some depth. You don´t need an extra tone; with the right amounts of the same color, you can achieve different styles. Always put a bit of light eyeliner at the ridge of the eye where the upper lid meets the bottom lid, near the tear duct. You will see how that bit of white brightens your eyes and makes them look whiter. It’s an old make-up secret of celebrities that you need to steal. A fair-skinned girl will look great in celery tones, while medium-skin and darker complexions shine in emeralds and evergreens.


Makeup Forever Aqua Creamliner is a waterproof gel-cream eyeliner that can be easily smudged for a smoky effect.

axNars Larger Than Life Long-Wear is a rich, creamy colour that glides on smoothly with a completely budge-proof finish.