August 3, 2014


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Smooth, glowing skin is every woman’s dream.

Turn it into a reality by finding out what’s the best foundation for your facial skin

Today, foundations have met skincare, and finding the right product can make one’s head spin because of the many options available in the market. Everything from the product’s texture to its color should be taken into account, but the first step is to choose your family of products.


Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation utilizes Light Reflecting Technology to impart a natural luminosity to your skin.

TIP: Remember that foundation makeup has an estimated life of one and a half years; throw it away after that duration!

So you’re an accomplished fashionista with perfect skin. Then, you must know that even foundations have seasonal trends, and the in thing these days is a touch of brightness to your skin. Give a rest to matte or velvet effects, and go for attention-seeking luminosity that gives your skin the added plus of indefinable freshness and glamour. It will really transform your appearance!


Do you have dry skin? The first condition to make your face look flawless is to keep it hydrated, soft and comfortable. If you are one of those women who don’t like to use daily foundation, change your day cream for a tinted one. The huge bonus is that not only are you getting a moisturizer with a foundation combined, but your skin is also protected from the sun! Trust me, in the summer, that’s a benefit!

Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20 is a light hydrating treatment that provides an all-day sheer wash of color.

TIP: It is best to start from the center of the face and blend the product to the sides.


Complexion Correcting Creams are sold as "miracle products" but they are just improved versions of BB creams. If you like combos, here is a good one: cream plus colour, concealer and nourish treatment. Each brand has a combination with its specific active formula and responds to different needs. The secret is finding the one that covers the main problems that you are facing and add simplicity to your routine with a multi-tasking product.

Apricot, green and white! Thanks to its three colour correcting pigments, Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream smoothes away all imperfections.

TIP: If you have severe blemishes, redness or pimples, go for a foundation that offers more coverage than a CC.


Youth Liberator Serum Foundation by Yves Saint Laurent offers medium-to-full coverage and skin-firming benefits.

TIP: Never apply directly to the pimples; excessive use of product makes them worse.

It’s generally agreed that youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind. However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply wait for the wrinkles to invade your face. Why not add to your daily makeup a little something extra that works towards retaining your youth. The price of age-erasing foundations goes up because they are advanced compositions, but you will preserve the freshness of your skin with continuous use, so it’s totally worth it!


Usually an application of foundation lasts three to six hours, but in Pakistan, that number is down to about two. The durability of foundation depends on the skin’s pH and natural tendency (oily, dry, or mixed), the weather (hot or cold) and the texture of the formulation. Long-lasting foundations have special molecules and strong pigments that are able to adhere to the skin and control those factors. Coverage is full, deep and the difference between a good and bad product is the ability to let the skin breathe.

TIP: Long-term foundation should not be retouched!

Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation by Guerlain is a long-wearing foundation that binds with the skin for flawless and comfortable 16-hour coverage.


Maybelline Fit Me is a translucent gel based formula that merges seamlessly with your skin.

TIP: If you are a retouchaddict, pick compact presentations whose texture makes reapplication easier.

Unlike European women, ladies of the subcontinent have a unique variation of skin tones. Professional makeup artists usually mix two or three different colours for your makeup, but that’s impossible to do at home. The common practice of comparing the foundation container with the tone of your hand is a mistake – you will end up picking a few shades too dark. If you haven’t been able to find a product that suits you, go for a universal tone that will always perfectly match.


High Definition Foundation Make Up Forever is a liquid foundation that covers imperfections while remaining invisible even under the most magnifying HD lens.

TIP: Many foundations have SPF but don’t think that is enough. Be sure to apply a strong sunscreen before makeup.

It’s the celebrities’ best keep secret! In the last few years, the advent of high definition television has changed makeup requirements. In addition to light diffusing pigments, high definition foundations carry other compounds too. The challenge consists in improving your complexion’s appearance without really hiding it. Contrary to plasters, they provide fineness, uniformity, brightness and luminosity.


Ladies with oily skin are tempted to use long-lasting foundations, but there’s something much better for them. The oil produced by the skin will break down any common foundation. However, oil-free makeup covers imperfections very well, and is designed to not be diluted in the T-zone. In this case, you should always apply foundation all over your face, even if you feel that there are areas where you do not need it.

Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil-Free Skin Balancing Foundation is ashine-control, plant-based formula that regulates the production of excess sebum.

Katie Holmes

The 35-year-old actress doesn’t need tons of makeup to look gorgeous. She was selected as the face of Bobbi Brown because she has a uniquely perfect neutral beige skin tone.