How to achieve luscious locks this Eid

July 27, 2014

Stylist Juju Haider gives us the low-down on hair maintenance over the holidays

How to achieve luscious locks this Eid

Is the summer reducing your scalp to a mess of fried and frizzy locks? Do good hair days sound like a fantastical idea known only to celebs with armies of stylists at their beck and call? Take consolation in the fact that you’re not alone if you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above. The grueling heat has not been kind to our hair. Couple that with the continuous barrage of blow dries and styling products we’ve subjected them to as we attended a whirlwind of iftars, milads and dinners this past month, and you have a serious style crisis on your hands (or should we say heads). Instep recently caught up with stylist extraordinaire Juju Haider for tips on how to banish bad hair days during the three days of festivities right upon us.

Don’t scrimp on style

As Creative Director at Toni & Guy, Juju has seen her fair share of hair disasters and is adamant that their main cause is low-quality styling products. "The key to maintaining a head full of healthy hair, whether for Eid or any other occasion, is investing in good hair products," she stresses. "People ask me all the time if the excessive use of products damage or whiten hair and my answer to that is: only if you use cheap stuff." A good product will not only help you achieve the style you want but also allow you to maintain it. "If you get a blow-dry the day before Eid, use a little dry shampoo to refresh the hair the next day and you won’t need to make another trip to the salon," says Juju.

Pack in the protein

If the heat and humidity haven’t damaged your hair, excessive styling must at least have made it dull and listless. Juju advises giving the scalp a dose of high protein to restore the hair’s natural shine and tame the frizz. Don’t worry, you don’t need to head to a salon for an expensive treatment. On chaand raat, whip up a hair mask of yogurt, egg and oil at home and slather it on your hair for an hour. While you’re at it, why not make it an hour of some fun, girly time and get your hands henna’d as you wait for the goop to dry.

Go natural

This season is all about embracing your natural beauty. Whether it’s messy plaits or loose waves, laidback is the look that’s hot on the runways and the red carpet internationally. Juju also urges the ladies to ditch the straighteners this Eid and flaunt their natural curl or wave. Those of you who’ve always hated their unruly curls can finally rejoice and let the hair out of that ponytail you’ve been hiding it in. And if you’re scared of it looking too messy, Juju has the perfect style that one can achieve in less than five minutes. "Prep your hair with a curl cream to tame it. Then taking a section from each side of the head, twist it and pin it at the back. Leave the back messy and viola, you have a trendy, no-fuss hairdo in no time."

Say hello to Bob

If you want to make a statement on Eid, instead of investing in a designer jora, why not go for something more long lasting and with a bigger wow-factor, like a new haircut? According to Juju, the go-to haircut this season is the bob in all its variations. Short, long, medium, layered, structured, angled – this is one style that can be shaped to suit any face and it says chic like long tresses can never hope to. Plus, a bob has the power to change your life – if you don’t believe us, look at Victoria Beckham, whose cut transformed her from a has-been singer to a fashion powerhouse! Granted, yours won’t turn you into a global celebrity overnight, but it will certainly take you up several notches in the style department.

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How to achieve luscious locks this Eid